Our Family

Sammie (me!): I am one of those people who cannot sit still. Which is a good thing really because my 2 Children (aged 6 and 3) certainly keep me on my toes! As a family, we love nothing more than exploring somewhere new. Which means at weekends we spend most of our time outside either at local country parks or exploring old castles and houses! During the week I have to juggle the School run AND the Nursery School run, but I somehow still manage to squeeze in some craft time, and of course some baking time! Sometimes I even get a rare night out with friends or a date night with hubbie! I may of just turned 30 but I am a big kid at heart, days spent creating dens or jumping in muddy puddles are the best kind of days for me! I am a massive Disney fan I love being immersed in all of that magic and make believe! We were lucky enough to take the children to Walt Disney World and now I am desperate to return! I am constantly thinking of ways to make great memories for my Children. Baking... I love it, ever since I can remember I have loved to bake, more recently I have got a bit more experimental with my cooking too. Being in the Kitchen is my time to relax, although when I occasionally let the Children 'help' me it is certainly not relaxing, but it is fun! Photography.....again, something I have always loved, my photos nowadays are normally snapshots of our family life. I love that I can capture these memories and look back and remember it all in years to come! So as you can imagine there is little time for sleep for me, but that is the way I like it!

Craig (Hubbie): Craig is a little older than me, he is in his 30's. He works full time, so family time is really important to him. He prefers life to be a little less fast paced than me, that is something we sometimes bicker about! He is a bit of a mischief, and like me, he is a big kid at heart, things he finds most funny including letting the children do something I have said no to or making them very excitable before going out and leaving me to deal with the consequences! Craig loves motorbikes, he is often reminding me how much he used to love riding bikes (he no longer has one). Another passion of his is cleaning his car! I find this very boring, but he loves nothing more than spending an afternoon making sure his car is nice and shiney!

Chester: Chester is our 6 year old, he is in year 1 at Primary School. He is just as cheeky as his name suggests! He is a really active boy who loves to climb and explore. He also really loves arts and crafts at the moment so makes us save every cardboard box, bottle or egg box for his latest creations! Although Chester looks just like his Daddy he is very much his Mummy's child! Once he gets an idea in his head or a toy that he likes, that is it he is obsessed. At the moment his two biggest obsessions are Skylanders and Lego! There is not an hour that goes by without him mentioning them! Chester has the biggest imagination I know and is very often 'away with the fairies' creating a great game or story. His Skylanders often get roped in as 'actors', he actually reminds me of Andy from the Toy Story films!

Millie: Millie is our 3 year old, her brother teaches her everything she knows so yep, you guessed it, she is very cheeky! She is already showing signs of being very independant and strong willed. Just like Chester, Millie has an obsession.. Pandas! For about a year now she has been utterly obsessed, even telling us that when she grows up she is going to be a Panda Keeper and live in China! Of course, Disney Princesses are also a big favourite, her current favourites being Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Much to my horror Millie is a really girly girl, the total opposite to me. She loves her dollies, and will not leave the house without one. She loves anything musical, and will often ask us to dance with her or she will rope her dollies or princesses in to dance too! For her age she has a fantastic imagination, she will make a game out of anything.

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