Sunday, 11 June 2017

Open Farm Sunday - exploring a local farm!

Every year since the Children were old enough to toddle about we have meaning to find a local farm participating in Open Farm Sunday. But as is usually the case, hectic life gets in the way. But I am pleased to say that today we found the time to go to a local farm and see what all the fuss was about!

For those of you that do not know, Open Farm Sunday is a day once a year where farms across the country open their (barn) doors to the public and show them what goes on at the farm.

After a quick bit of research I decided we should head to Badlesmere Court Farm in Faversham. With a long list of things that I thought would interest the children (make friends with the calfs was something I knew would be a highlight for animal lover Millie) and only being a short drive away, it was the perfect choice!

I had intended to pop along for an hour or so but we had such a great time that we ended up staying for almost 4 hours! There certainly was lots to see, we got to chat to local producers and sample some of their foods (we brought some local honey in the hope it will help Chester's Hayfever), we saw lots of Tractors, even went on a Tractor ride. We learnt lots about what cows eat, we also learnt about the cycle of how the cereal we eat goes from the field to our bowls. Chester and Millie had a go at Archery and Crossbow too.  But the true highlights are pictured below...

Learning the process of milking the cows. Millie especially found this fascinating (which is pretty ironic considering she is intolerant to cows milk!) From my point of view it was facinating to see how the process worked, and comforting to see that the cows appeared to be very happy.

Meeting the calves was lovely, they were tiny and very cute! They were in big enclosures too! 

Another big plus for both Chester and Millie was the fact they could just explore! Not only the barns and the animals, but there was also lots of bales of hay to climb and jump across. Chester (as usual) moaned like a teenager before we got to the farm, as he said it would be boring. But leaving the farm his reaction couldn't have been further from that statement. He said he had an awesome afternoon and  he didn't realise there would be so much to see and do. It really was a great afternoon out and I am going to try my best to find time to take part next year too! Did any of you visit a local Farm today as part of Open Farm Sunday? I would love to hear all about it.