Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Shoe box Rainforest

Millie is currently learning about the Rainforest at School, and recently, as part of her homework she was asked to make a rainforest in a shoe box. As Millie absolutely loves arts and crafts, she was very excited to tell me her ideas so we could shop for materials!

This is how she got on;

First up, she needed to make the shoebox look a bit more green!  So she used some coloured paper and glued it to the inside of the box.

 Then she needed to make some trees, so she used some brown tissue paper and glued it onto some toilet roll tubes. Next she used cotton wool and green tissue paper to make the 'leaves'. Now, I could have helped her with this part so it looked more leaf like, but Millie really wanted to do it herself and to be honest I really love encouraging her independence! We also found an old log that our Hamster was no longer using so put that in too! 

Millie really wanted a lake in her Rainforest, so that she could make some frogs sitting on some lily Pads! So, she cut out a lake shape piece of blue tissue paper and stuck it to the base. Next she ripped up some brown tissue paper and scrunched into little balls to make mud for around the lake. We had some foam stickers to use as lily pads and made the frogs with Pom poms and googly eyes. 

Lastly, Millie really wanted to make a sock snake. So we stuffed an old sock  with cotton wool and secured it with a pipe cleaner. I cut a small hole so that Millie could insert a red pipe cleaner for his tongue, and then Millie used colouring pens to add some patterns to her snake. You will see that she also found some monkey stickers to fix to the back and used a pipe cleaner to make them look like they were swinging on a vine. She also attached a Red Panda to the top, it will come as no surprise to most that a Panda was an essential part for Millie! 

I am amazed that she managed to pull off such a fantastic looking Rainforest with very little input from me. She has clearly learnt a lot at school since she started in September, and I really hope her creative streak stays with her! 

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