Tuesday, 23 May 2017

May Day celebrations.

When I think back to Primary School, one of the first memories that springs to mind is Maypole dancing. Every year at the spring fetê our School would dance around the Maypole. It was such an exciting time, even if we weren't doing the dancing, we enjoyed watching it. 

Lots of years have gone by since I was at Primary School, I have moved away from the tiny Village I grew up in. I have often wondered if they have carried on the tradition, and when I moved to a big town I didn't hold out much hope that my own children would get the chance to take part in the May Day traditions. So you can imagine my joy when Chester got a place in a small school on the outskirts of town a few years ago and I found out that they do indeed take part in this tradition! 

This year is Millie's 1st year at Primary School, and she has been so excited for May Day ever since her first day in September. Tomorrow, she finally gets to dance a dance with her class mates and watch as the older children dance around the Maypole. As Chester is getting older he is less enthusiastic, and he is not looking forward to it at all! But hopefully when he see's how excited his Sister is, he will at least enjoy watching her! 

One thing is for sure, I am really looking forward to watching it! 

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