Saturday, 27 May 2017

GBK is coming to Maidstone!

That's right, as the title states, Gourmet Burger Kitchen is coming to Maidstone in Kent! Opening on Bank Holiday Monday at Lockmeadow. Which also happens to house one of Chester and Millie's favourite trampoline parks, so for us as a family, everyone's a winner!

For those of you that are not familiar with GBK (where have you been?!), here is a little background information; Proud of serving gourmet burgers since 2001, GBK kick-started the premium burger trend in the UK, setting itself apart from the rest with a huge range of adventurous crafted burgers. Using only 100% prime beef, hand selected and traditionally reared on independent farms, GBK uses the freshest ingredients in its restaurants every day.

We were very lucky to be invited along to the launch party on Thursday evening for what will be the 86th GBK. We arrived to a lovely bustling and lively restaurant. The decore was very outdoorsy and was very well suited considering Kent is 'The Garden of England'. Another lovely touch was the scrabble tiles dotted around, I actually think I am a little obsessed with that kind of decore and have spent the last couple of days trying to work out how to make it work in our own home!

There is so much to choose from on the menu, so it's a good job really that you choose what you would like and then order up at the bar area. We literally took ages to choose so I would have felt bad having to keep the staff waiting!

Craig and Chester are huge milkshake fans, so they were in their element with loads of tempting flavours to choose from. Chester went for Oreo and Craig went for Salted Caramel with Nutella! I went for Homemade Lemonade, it had been such a warm day on Thursday that it was just what I needed to quench my thirst.

When it came to choosing our burgers it was so hard! I love nearly all of the flavour combinations that GBK offer, and it was very hard not to just go for The Kiwiburger which is just amazing! But I really wanted to try something different so I went for The Satay chicken burger!

Oh.My.Gosh! It was amazing! I am not usually a fan of spice, but I think the balance of the slightly spicy satay sauce with the sweeter relish was perfect! But I had to admit defeat, pared with the scrummy sweet potato fries it was a HUGE meal! Craig went for The Buffalo burger, which was a speciality. He said that it was one of the best burgers he had eaten (and that's saying something for Craig as he loves the American burgers we have eaten on trips to Florida). Chester, who has made up his own song about not liking cheese (only ham), had the kids cheeseburger minus the cheese!

Millie who is incredibly fussy, she will literally only eat Chicken Nuggets, had a kids chicken burger without the bun. Which we passed as a giant Chicken Nugget. Honestly, the things we have to do as parents! At first she was very impressed, but I think she may have eaten a little bit of pepper as she started screaming that her mouth was on fire! Honestly, typical drama queen Millie. So my only critacisisim of the whole evening was to make the children's menu a little more fussy kid friendly. But I would also add that the rest of us enjoyed it so much that we wouldnt be put off by Millie's experience, she absolutely loved the skinny fries so would be happy munching on those!

We had a fab evening, the staff were a lovely friendly bunch and were happy to engage with Chester and Millie. We went home with very full tummies and great first impressions of our new local GBK. So, Thank you for having us GBK, we will back very soon!

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