Tuesday, 13 December 2016

McDonalds - changes to keep them in touch with modern life

Recently, I was invited to McDonalds in Aylesford to find out what McDonalds have done to make their stores fit in with the changing times of modern society. You can read on to here my thoughts on the store, and you can also click here to find out more information about all of the changes taking place at McDonalds! 

As soon as I drove into the car park I could see that it was unlike any McDonald's I had been to in the U.K. There was a play area outside and the restaurant itself was 2 storey. 

Both myself and some other lovely bloggers were lucky enough to be given a grand tour of the store. Which lead to us even being allowed to create our very own Big Mac (more on that later!) 

McDonalds has been in the U.K. For 40 years now, and during that time society has changed a huge amount! I think McDonalds has always done a pretty good job of keeping up with the times. Memories from my childhood at McDonalds include parties with Ronald McDonald, polystyrene containers, and of course who can forget the mini TY beanie babie craze in the Happy Meals! The design and look of McDonalds has also changed over the years. But I can't  think of a time when the changes were as big as this! 

It's revolutionary from as soon as you walk through the doors! Now, you can order your food using a touch screen order point, and if you are eating in the restaurant you can even have it brought to your table! 

We learnt that the best thing about this technology is that everything is now cooked fresh. From the moment you place your order, you can guarantee that it will ping up on the screen in the kitchen and one of the staff members will be starting to prepare your order. No more food waiting to be brought here! 

Another great thing about the new look McDonalds stores is that they are not only offering free Wi-Fi, but they are also offering charge points at your tables, with some tables even having Tablets to use! 

Technology plays such a big part in our lives nowadays, that I have no doubt that this part of will be hugely popular. From parents trying to keep their children entertained, to business people needing a quick recharge of both their batteries and their mobile devices batteries! 

Whilst on the tour. We were shown the back areas, the parts we don't normally see. What has stuck in my mind the most from the whole experience is how clear it is that McDonalds truely value their Staff members.

 It wasn't just a front because we were there, it was clearly displayed on posters, in the staff room with the use of computers, and just by hearing how well everyone was getting on. I also really loved the strict hand washing rules.

But, now it's time to show you my favourite part of the evening, making a Big Mac! A trained McDonalds staff member would be able to do this in 50 seconds from start to finish. Even though I didn't make that time, I think you will agree I did do very well! 

How amazing is that?! I can also confirm that it tasted delicious!

So, what do you think of the upgraded stores? They will be rolled out across the U.K. Over the next couple of years, and personally I think it will be a huge hit. I can't wait for my local to be transformed!  

*please note: I was invited by McDonalds to view the Aylesford Store and was compensated for my time. This does not affect my views, which are all my own!