Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Num Noms Wacky Bakers!

We love a challenge here, and recently we were sent some series 2 Num Noms and asked if we could create a recipe inspired by the Num Noms flavours.

For anyone unaware of Num Noms they are small figurines which look and smell like food! They are what I would call pocket money collectible toys. The idea is that you choose your base, add a Nom and then a Num! Both of my children love baking, both in reality and imaginative play so Num Noms, with over 5000 combinations, are the perfect platform for their imaginations!

Now onto the recipe creation. I left this in the hands of Millie and her amazing 4 year old imagination! She took this role very seriously and mulled it over for a good few days. She wanted to keep the theme to the flavours we received, she thought about making a strawberry and blueberry crumble, and for a while she thought about grape sponge! But then she remembered that our particular set are from the Freezie Pop collection, so decided to do something she could freeze!

We decided to create some Magical Mocktails;

I chopped up some strawberries and grapes into small chunks, then Millie helped to place them into Ice Cube trays.

We then poured Tropical Fruit Juice over the fruit and placed the trays in the freezer.

Once frozen I (with a great deal of effort!) got the ice cubes out of the trays. Millie and Chester were then given a glass of water each and a mocktail stirrer (a chopstick for all you spoilsports)

They then added the ice cubes and stirred until melted! Magically the water turns into a yummy tropical mocktail with fruit snacks!

The tropical Magical Mocktails were a big hit here and very easy to make!

Do your little ones collect Num Noms? What Wacky Recipe would you make?!

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