Friday, 21 October 2016

Millie's first (half) term at School!

I can't believe that Millie has already been at School for 6 weeks! Right from day one she took it all in her stride and has loved every minute of it so far!

At first it was all about exploring the unknown, settling in to a new routine, and making new friends. She did all three of those things so casually as if it was already the norm. I thought that the School day would tire her out, but it hasn't. She has really enjoyed doing all of the things her big brother does, and she loves assembly! Making new friends was an easy one for Millie, she is such a sociable child. One of her best friends is in her class, and that is really lovely that they are going to go through School together. But it's also very nice that Millie seems to have surrounded her self with lots of new friends, mostly boys, which I am not surprised at. I myself get on much better with boys than girls!

But then it moved on to be all about the learning. It will never cease to amaze me how quickly children pick things up. Millie was very lucky that her Nursery workers were fantastic and gave her a head start with phonics. But since starting school those 6 weeks ago, Millie has picked up a whole new vocabulary. She seems a bit more grown up (which of course I am sad about) and she has already gone from not being able to read to now being able to recognise simple words in her books!

A few weeks in she was chosen as Star of the Week and got to take home the Class Lion, and she has even picked up her first certificate for good work!

Outside of School, Millie has taken up Football! It's really no surprise that she asked to do this, we spend so much of our time following Chester's football that it is pretty much a way of life here! But again, she embraced it and absolutely loves it, even in the rain!

I am so proud of how well she has adapted to School life, I am so happy for her too as I know how excited she was to start School!

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