Saturday, 8 October 2016

Chester turns Eight!

Things have been pretty hectic here recently, and over the coming months I shall share all of our crazy family updates. But for now, I want to tell you all about Chester's Eighth Birthday last week!

Chester is at that age where is kind of still wants a party, but it needs to be cool. He is also at that age where he has a select few close friends. So after much thought he decided on a Trampolining party with his football team buddies and a couple of classmates too. We are lucky where we live, as the new trampoline craze has meant that we have two big trampolining centres close by. We chose to go to Soar as they do a great party package and spectators are allowed on the walkways inbetween the trampolines to take pictures. As a blogger, that was a massive plus!

Well they had a fantastic time!

Ducking and diving....

Bouncing into foam bricks...

And even battling it out on the beam!

It was all topped off with Slush Puppies, Pizzas and cake! What more could anyone want?!

It really was an awesome party, and Chester was so grateful to all of his friends for joining him. Millie is now planning her party and of course it is also going to be trampolining!

On his actual Birthday, a School day much to his disgust! He was very excited and got up super early. By early I mean 4:15am! He was so happy to receive the new goal keeper kit for his beloved Crystal Palace, amongst lots of other lovely things! Naturally, my football mad Chester requested a Crystal Palace shirt cake, and I think I did pretty well considering I am an ametur!

All in all it was the perfect Birthday for Chester. I am so pleased he had such a great time!

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