Sunday, 11 September 2016

Dear Millie.....

Dear Millie,

As I write this, you are upstairs trying your hardest to go to sleep. It's extra hard for you this evening because you are so excited about your new adventure tomorrow. 

You have been waiting for this day for such a long time. You are ready for it, in my head I know you are. But in my heart I am struggling to come to terms with the fact that my little baby, my cheeky little Millie Poppins, is old enough to start School! 

I hope that you enjoy School as much as you think you will. You are such a confident, happy, smiley little girl, and you love to learn. You are an adventurer and you love to play, especially imaginatively. You are so proud of the fact you can write your name, and other letters too. You 'read' a picture version of the Ugly Duckling yesterday, from listening to that I am pretty certain you will love reading as much as I do!  

You are strong headed, just like your brother! You know exactly what you want and what you need to do to get it. But you must learn how to control this, your brother has learnt the hard way. I know he wouldn't want you to go through the same School experience as him. 

I know that your recent tantrum phase is caused by frustration. By your brain needing a little more stimulation. I hope that by going to School, you will no longer feel the need to tantrum over the slightest thing. You will be occupied enough to be distracted by the smallest of annoyances. 

When tomorrow comes, I know that you will be a confident, happy, care free, little girl walking into that classroom. I will walk away with a tear in my eye. But it will be a happy tear. I am so happy for you, and even though I won't be there, I will be thinking about you all day. Wondering who you are sitting next too, how you have managed with your School dinners, if you have managed to see your brother. 

I really hope that you find your place in your classroom quickly, and that you don't loose your cheeky sparkle or your panda loving enthusiasm. But most of all I hope that your teachers can see the kind, caring, panda loving little girl that I see every day. I hope that they suss out what you are about pretty quickly, and that they will know when you need cuddles and when you need a reality check! 

Have fun little one! 

Lots of love
Mummy xxxx

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