Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hotter Shoes.... The most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!

A little while ago, if you follow my Instagram account, you would have seen that I was lucky enough to attended a fantastic blogger event at Hotter Shoes in Maidstone. We were treated to drinks, nibbles and given lots of information and history about Hotter Shoes. Then we had lots of time to browse the store and try on lots of shoes, and even got to select a pair to review!

When trying on the shoes in store, I had to explain that I always have trouble finding shoes to fit my feet. Shoe shopping is usually something I dread as I almost always come away disappointed. But this experience was something totally new for me, instead of trying on loads and finding nothing to fit. I tried on loads and found loads that fit! I was so shocked! I was given lots of advice about different types of insoles to help make different styles comfy too which was really helpful. 

I was one of the last bloggers to chose my shoes, I kept changing my mind. So in the end what I did was pick one pair to review and another which I purchased because I just loved them so much. 

Of course, I never expected them to stay that comfy for long. I mean everyone knows, to wear shoes in you have to suffer for a good few days, right? Wrong! The very reason this review has taken me so long to write is that I wanted to give them as much testing as possible, I mean the title for this post is a very bold statement. You can't just go around saying 'they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn' about any old shoe can you?!  

So I am happy to report back that They really are amazing shoes, I have experienced no wearing in pain whatsoever and they fit my feet perfectly! It turns out that Hotter Shoes are so confident that their shoes will fit without having to suffer the pain of wearing them in, that they give you a 100% happy, 90 day no quibble guarantee. Which fills me with lots of confidence, and clearly says that they are confident in their own product. 

Let me tell you a bit more about the shoes I chose. Cloud Shoes. So with a name like that expectations were high. Hotter say; 'Cloud's lighter than light sole and stretchable slipper design, together with its memory foam footbed and textile lining, give you that wonderful floating feeling. Complemented by contrasting stitch detail and a handy back loop, as well as available in three contrasting colours.' 

Well. After wearing them for weeks, for walks in the county park, long days exploring London and general day to day Mummy duties. I can confirm that these shoes really are lighter than light, the memory foam insole really does give you the floating feeling and despite the amount of walking done, my feet have not hurt or ached, not even once! As a busy Mum of two, I would say these are the ideal shoes. I am practically living in them, not only are the comfy, but I am finding that they match a lot of my wardrobe too.

Now the other shoes I chose to buy were called Feather, they are part of the ultra light h92 collection. They are what I would call Trainers. Can you see my theme of shoe here?! I am all about the comfort! The Feather shoes are also lightweight and with a mesh fabric they let feet breathe (and trust me, my feet are the kind that need to breathe!) they also have a memory insole too. I recently went to Go Ape! With some friends, which is one of those tree climbing, zip wire kind of courses. I certainly put my Feather Hotter Shoes to the test here! It was 3 hours of intense climbing, balancing, swinging and zip wiring and at the end of it all I was exhausted. But my feet weren't! They were cool, comfortable and happy! 

We are going to Florida next year, which will involve lots of walking, and I have to say that both of these pairs of Hotter Shoes will be making it into my suitcase. They are practical, comfy, stylish and fantastic value for money. What more could you want in a shoe?! 

Whilst at the blogger event we were told that the soles of the Hotter Shoes made in the Hotter factory are filled with millions of air bubbles. At the time I thought that was amazing, and after wearing the shoes for weeks I now think it's genius! 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Crystal Palace Park, one year on!

Crystal Palace Park, is hands down our favourite park to visit. It's in South London and takes us just under an hour to get there, parking is free, there are dinosaurs to find and a farm to visit! What more could you want?! Well let me tell you, that is not even the half of it! So much to explore and almost all of it is free! Of course, it also holds a special place in Chester's heart because it's very close to his beloved Crystal Palace Football Club!

Well, yesterday we visited Crystal Palace Park, along with the inlaws and our Neice. We had an absolutely fantastic day, spent hours visiting the farm animals, hunting for dinosaurs, picnicing, pedalo riding, maze exploring, and ice cream eating. It truly was a great day. 

When I got home and went through my picture, I compared them to similar ones taken last summer. I was absolutely blown away by how much Chester and Millie have changed in just one short year! 

They really have changed haven't they?! Chester looks so grown up now, and Millie is so tall! 

Anyway, here are some snipits of our fantastic day....