Sunday, 10 July 2016

Baby Born - imaginative play fun for Millie

Millie loves imaginative play, she especially loves imaginative play that mimics 'grown ups'. So her dolls often play a huge part in her play.

Sometimes though the dolls are not enough and that is where accessories come in to play. 

Recently Millie was sent a Baby Born My Little Bathing Fun Doll

and a Baby Born Comfort Seat

As you can Imagine, these have both provided great fun in her imaginary games! The My Little Bathing Fun doll is the perfect size for our sink, which is very good news as Millie regularly likes to 'bathe' her! As you can see, underneath her lovely soft all in one baby grow she has a waterproof material body. Millie found this to be a bit strange at first, as she couldn't understand why the baby would have 'such a funny looking tummy'! I explained that it's simply her very own baby swim costume and she soon got used to it, as you can see she now loves bathing the doll at every opportunity! 

My Little Bathing Fun Doll is available from most big retailers and has an RRP of £20, it has provided Millie with a lot of fun (and wet!) play times! 

Of course Millie doesn't just like to imaginatively play at home, and this is where the Baby Born Comfort Seat come in handy! It's small enough to not take up loads of room in my car (and light enough for me to carry if Millie needs me too) yet it's big enough to fit a wide range of dolls. Which is good news for Millie, who changes favourite dolls as often as she changes clothes! It also has an ajustable handle and a safety harness. Millie loves these features as she associates them with 'real life' car seats. She spends a lot of time strapping her dolls in and going for a 'drive' to try and get her baby off to sleep! 

The Baby Born Comfort Seat can be purchased from many major retailers and has an RRP of £22.00, I think that this is a fair price. It is sturdy, well made and has provided hours of fun for Millie. For her the little details that make it look so much like a real baby seat are what makes it so great, and one of her go to props for imaginative play! 

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