Sunday, 12 June 2016

What Millie is wearing, Summer 2016

When it comes to clothes Millie is such a girly girl. She may only be 4, but she knows what she likes. She is happiest when she is in a pretty dress, and even happier if her shoes match the outfit!

But I always find it a little difficult dressing Millie as she is also a climbing trees and rolling down hills kinda gal. She loves nothing more than to create herself little adventures. 

Mothercare recently asked me if they could send Millie some products from their website. I have always loved the practicality of Mothercare, not only do they sell really lovely, on trend, clothes. They also sell a wide range of baby and children's products, from nappies to car seats, and even toys!

I decided to choose this Tiered Floral Dress, and accessorised with socks and shoes.

The dress is 100% cotton and is fully lined. As it is pretty but flowing it has a multitude of uses, from going to a party to playing at the park! In fact Millie desperately wanted to wear it to Nursery to show it off to her friends!

It's worth noting that Millie is a tall 4 year old, and personally I prefer her dresses to be around knee length. So I ordered the Tiered Floral Dress in an age 5. I am really glad that I did as you can see it fits her perfectly. It does state on the label that it is up to 110cm, Millie is already 108cm and still only 4 and a half so I would always go next size up if you are looking for a longer length.

The Pink Flower Shoes were also a hit with Millie. They have an easy fasten thin Velcro strap, making them easy for Millie to put on herself, the 3D flower detail is just gorgeous and they are the kind of shoes that would match well with several outfits. But the best thing about these shoes, according to Millie, is that they grip very well when walking UP the slide! I did laugh when she came home very excited to tell me this! It just goes to show that 4 year olds have very different reasons to want non slip soles!

Now I don't know if it's just our household that gets a regular visit from the sock fairy? But over the years I have learnt it's best to buy socks of similar pattern/design. Because chances are they will not be in pairs for long! When I spotted these Floral Lace Turn Over Top Socks  I knew that not only would they go well with the outfit, but more importantly they would not suffer too much if they had to be mismatched pairs! 

The whole outfit was under £30, and I do think that it is worth it's money. Like I said earlier the shoes can be pared with so many different outfits and the quality and comfort make them a really good value shoe. I really love the fact that the dress is fully lined, it's rare to come across fully lined every day dresses nowadays. 

So that is what Millie will be wearing this summer! I already have my eye on some other gorgeous  dresses from Mothercare, most of which would go with the shoes and all of which are practical for my dress loving, tree climbing, girly girl! 

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