Sunday, 26 June 2016

Something for me!

I am very good at putting everyone else before myself. I am not complaining about that, it's what I have always done, and it makes me happy when my kids are happy. But for quite some time now I have been meaning to find some time for myself. Just me, myself, and I.

3 weeks ago I started going swimming. Initially I tried to go at 6:30am, but quickly realised that as I am not a morning person at the best of times, it would be more realistic for me to go in the evening! 

I quickly got into the swing of it, and on my first session I swam 22 lengths. Then I got a little cocky and swam 40 lengths on my second visit. But the next day I ached all over so realised that was just too much to start with!

This last week I managed to swim 3 times and each time I did 30 lengths, so in total across the week I swam just over a mile! A pretty good achievement for me, seeing as I am very unfit! The best thing is that I am really enjoying myself. I am WANTING to go and I am looking forward to my swim days! 

It has made me realise that it is OK to be selfish sometimes, for my own wellbeing I need that time for myself. To do something I enjoy, whilst improving my fitness. I have even enjoyed some relaxing time in the Sauna and Steam rooms! 

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