Saturday, 25 June 2016

Introducing Ham, the Hamster!

This time last week we popped into Pets at Home to have a look at the fish. We already have fish, so the children like to pop in every now and then and have a look at what's new in the world of fish!

As we were browsing round at all of the other animals, we came across an adoption area. Chester read the descriptions of the animals out loud so Millie understood. But there was one animal that stood out for Chester and Millie, and that was Ham, the Sirian Hamster. His card said that no one wanted him and that's why he was up for adoption. The children were quite upset by this, and they were both fascinated by Ham. 

We carried on browsing around the shop, all the time I was wondering if we should adopt Ham. I had a Hamster when I was younger, he was called Harold! I remembered how much I loved him, and loved caring for him. So when the children went back over to Ham and asked if we could adopt him, I called a shop assistant over to help us. The lady was actually super good with the children, she spoke to them rather than me, asking them questions and making them aware of what a big responsibility having a Hamster is. 

So it was decided. We were adopting Ham! 

We chose a nice home for him, made sure we had all of the supplies we needed and off we went! 

Chester and Millie were very excited to see Ham enjoying his new family home. 

On the shop assistants advice they have been talking to him, making sure his water is topped up every day and that he has enough food. Over the week Ham has become more and more adventurous, it seems though, that so far the only person he will go too is Craig! The children are not overly happy about this, but understand that Ham needs time to get used to us all! 

His favourite thing to do is go in his Hamster Ball! The ground floor level of our house is all wooden or vinolay flooring so he has great fun whizzing between the rooms! Chester and Millie love following him around and helping him if he gets 'stuck' in a corner! 

We popped back into Pets at Home the other day as the children wanted to buy Ham a 'toy' and when they excitedly told the sales assistant it was for Ham, he excitedly replied with 'oh Ham, I remember him, I put him in the adoption area'! Which then lead to a 10 minute conversation about how old he was, and how he was getting on in his new home! The children were thrilled! 

I think Ham is a great addition to our family and I am so glad that the children are loving their responsibility as chief carers for him! 

Do you have any pets?! 

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