Saturday, 11 June 2016

Football Presentation Day

Football is a massive part of Chester's life. He lives, sleeps and breathes football. He is constantly giving us little football facts and opinions.

Chester has 3 football loves. As you all know, he has a lot of love for Crystal Palace. He also loves his Soccer Elite sessions on a weekday evening. But he also plays in a league, he is the teams goalkeeper and he is very passionate about it, he takes his role very seriously. 

Every match and training session is a reason to self criticise and push himself further. As his parents we fully support his football, but we never push him. He has taken it upon himself to do that. If he lets in a stray goal or maybe doesn't quite see something he should have, he will come home and be quite harsh on himself. Whilst I don't agree that he should always be so harsh on himself, I really love the fact that he can recognise and accept where he has gone wrong or needs to improve. He always seems to learn from it. Being a goalkeeper, he is very aware that he can make or break a match and he would much rather be remembered for saving the goals! 

Today it was his teams Presentation Day. The whole team are great, they all play really well together and I really love that all of us parents support each and every child on the sidelines. The players received some fantastic awards today, all well deserved. 

Chester was given the 'Most Improved Player' award and he his little face when his name was called was something I will never forget! 

Chester is an extremely competitive child, but when it comes to his team, he fully backs each of his team members. He was congratulating others and was genuinely happy for them and the awards they were winning, so when his name was called he couldn't quite believe it! 

I think today has given Chester a massive boost, he was genuinely surprised to get an award and hasn't let go of it since. I am now really looking forward to the next season and watch the team play some more fantastic football! 

Well done boys! 

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