Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Chester's Rollercoaster ride of emotions watching the football!

I'm sure I don't need to tell you how much of a massive football fan Chester is. So when he found out The Euros would be on this summer he was beyond excited! We try and encourage him to be interested in sport, be it playing it or watching it, we are happy for him to get involved.

Of course as a family from England we are supporting our team, but for Chester he is really struggling as to where his loyalties lye. As an Englishman he wants to support his country, but as a Crystal Palace fan (and a Goalkeeper himself) he feels he should be supporting Wales, who have 3 Palace players on their squad! We have tried to explain to him that international football is different to the premier league football he is used too, but he just wants to support the Palace boys! 

For the first England match I thought it would be a great idea to make a big deal out of it to show Chester how to coming together as a family we can support our country. So I done a BBQ for before the match and then, because I know just how much Chester loves Lindt chocolate, I pulled out a surprise box of Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection for us all to share whilst enjoying the match! 

They were of course a huge hit, and certainly got everyone excited before the match!

The next England match was a really tough one for Chester. It was England v Wales, he was at School and sadly they were not permitted to watch it. But I was at work and we were permitted to take the time out to watch it. One of my work colleagues offered his front room for some of us to watch it so as a thank you, and knowing how well they went down here, I gave him a box of the Lindt Swiss Luxury Selection too! 

Now, I have to admit that even I found the match very hard to watch! You spend all season hoping your goalkeeper saves the goals and then your country have a match against him and you have to hope he doesn't save the goal! Very mixed emotions! I recorded the match for Chester and he watched it as soon as I picked him up from after school club. Chester couldn't get on with supporting his country so did what he does best and supported the Palace boys! 

Do your children struggle to know who to support when it comes to international football?! 

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