Tuesday, 14 June 2016

A day in the life of Baby Annabell

Recently the lovely people at Zapf Creations sent us a Baby Annabell doll, highchair, and accessory pack. With the simple request that we have a day in the life of Baby Annabell.

Well, to Millie, who absolutely loves to create imaginary scenarios with her dolls, this was a dream come true! I absolutely loved the day, observing how my 4 year old views adults was hilarious and has probably taught me a lesson or too about what you should and should not say in front of Children! 

So Baby Annabell started off her day by going on an adventure. Millie wanted to take her out in the car, so we went on a little road trip with Baby Annabell, apparently she was very good and slept the whole way! 

When we got home it was time to put Baby Annabell in her high chair ready for her lunch

Of course as lunch was chosen by Millie, it wasn't your usual baby food fare, it was Chicken Nuggets! But nether the less, Baby Annabell appeared to enjoy it! 

Then whilst Millie was eating her own lunch she distracted Baby Annabell with a rattle!

Millie loves to dress and undress her dolls, and Baby Annabell was no exception. She chose an her an all in one just in time for story time!

And here is Millie reading the story!

As you can see Baby Annabell ended up having a nap outside in her newly made bed!

I really love Millie's imagination, I love watching her play and create different scenarios. I hope that she continues to be such a playful and imaginative child! 

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