Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Chester's trip to A&E *warning do not read if you are squeamish!

This morning I got the phone call I have been dreading since the moment Chester started School. It started with 'Hello is that Chester's Mum' and I knew in that instant something had happened. You see normally when the school ring me they say ' Hello is that Chester's Mum, don't worry Chester is fine but...'

Sadly my instincts were right and something was very wrong. Chester had tripped over in the class room and fell chin first into a table leg. I was advised over the phone that he would need to go to MIU so I left work immediately. 

When I walked into the School and saw Chester sitting there with 3 teachers looking as white as his polo shirt I had to take a deep breath and hold back the tears. He looked awful, I have never seen him look as awful as he did this morning and it really shocked me. 

The teachers were all amazing and had done a great job of caring for him. I was advised that they had to lye him down because he had a bit of a funny moment, they had put a gauze over his chin so I couldn't quite see how bad the cut was, only that it was obviously still bleeding. 

So we drove the 3 minutes up the road to MIU (and subsequently spent a further 15 minutes finding a parking space), and as soon as we walked up to the receptionist we received nothing but the best care. 

I gave all the details and the receptionist signed him in, she took one look at him and said 'I am putting him top of the list you won't have to wait long at all'. Sure enough we were seen within a couple of minutes, despite it being packed out with other patients. The nurse was amazing with a very tearful and anxious Chester. She checked him over thoroughly but wasn't happy, so sent us to our local(ish) A&E.

Chester was very dopey and not really with it for quite some time, what with that and the wobble at School the nurses and Doctors wanted to keep a very close eye on him. He also had a few moments at the hospital where he just wanted to close his eyes, poor little mite. 

So again, at the hospital we were seen swiftly by triage and then again by the doctor, who decided to lay Chester on a bed in his own little room for quite some time to observe him. 

By now the gauze had come off and the wound looked like this...

Apologies to all squeamish readers! 

So it was decided that he would have a butterfly strip put on to pull it closer together and then medical glue to seal it. 

Now it looks like this... 

He is now home, where I have given him countless cuddles and asked him probably more than 100 times how he is feeling! He is a bit subdued, which I am pretty sure is probably a bit of shock coming out. And even though he is still a little tearful, mainly because he is sad he will have to take it easy at playtime for a few days, he seems to be perking up more and more as the evening has gone on. 

Today, I am very thankful to everyone who played a part in caring for Chester. It was a very anxious time for him (and me) but he was treated with the upmost respect and care. 

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