Thursday, 3 March 2016

World Book Day 2016. Chester is transformed into Peter Rabbit!

At School recently Chester's class have been learning all about Peter Rabbit in literacy. So it was not really much of a surprise when he asked to dress up as Peter Rabbit for world book day.

Sadly I couldn't find any Peter Rabbit costumes so it was down to me to think outside of the box. I managed to buy a pair of chinos, a white t shirt and a blue jacket. So all I needed were accessories to pull it together. 

I started with the tail, by making a giant Pom Pom... 

Next I used some felt to sew together some brown ears...

And then I used orange felt, green felt and some cotton wool to make a carrot! 

The finished result was a very tired Mummy, but more importantly a very happy Chester! 

Did your children dress up for World Book Day this year?! 

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