Sunday, 6 March 2016

Millie ice skating without the penguin!

As most of you will know, over the last few weeks Millie has got a new hobby. Ice Skating. Over the weeks her confidence has been up and down. Last week was quite a down week and although she didn't want to leave her penguin she picked up speed.

But this week was very much an up week .... 

She really amazed us today! She didn't really want to use her penguin at all, and at one point she skated off so fast without me that I used her penguin to catch up! 

We also took Chester today, as it was the first time he had shown any interest in wanting to go. He was very nervous at first but he really enjoyed himself and Millie really enjoyed 'teaching' him. 

It was great to see them both enjoying something together. A really lovely treat on Mothers Day! 

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