Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fun at the farm...

Last weekend my Sister treated Chester to a trip to Alton Towers. So it was only fair that we treated Millie to a day of fun too. After lots of debating we decided on the Rare Breeds Centre which is not too far from us and costing only £6.50 each to get in!

It was an absolutely amazing day. There was so much to do we will actually have to go back! 

Millie absolutely adored the 3 week old piglets and this is where we spent most of our time... 

I really loved that it was all very relaxed and hands on. Millie really loved petting the animals, she found it hilarious that the cockerel allowed her to stroke him! 

There was such a big variety of animals, Millie was amazed by each and everyone, she even felt brave enough to look at the reptiles! 

The play areas were great, one kept Millie so entertained that we didn't have time to explore the other! 

We got to have a ride on a tractor/trailer

Watch a birds of prey show

And we even completed an adventure course on Troll Island! 

It was a really lovely day, my only regret is that we didn't go there sooner! We will certainly be back, Millie hasn't stopped talking about the piglets, and we know that Chester will love it too! 

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