Wednesday, 17 February 2016

World Book Day 2016 - costume ideas

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that we absolutely love reading in our house. We have more than one bookcase brimming with books. The children love their bedtime story, and now that Chester is 7 he quite often likes to read the story to us.

This year World book day falls on Thursday 3rd March and Chester's School will be dressing up.  I just know Chester is going to find it hard to choose his favourite character to dress up as. He loves so many books, but I think I may have found a solution to help him narrow it down. 

Before Christmas we were sent some lovely costumes from tickled pink fancy dress, they were really great quality and value and I can see them lasting another year. Millie practically lived in her Mrs Claus outfit, it was comfortable, child friendly material. 

Doesn't she look adorable... 

Well, I have been looking on the Tickled Pink Fancy dress website for inspiration, and it turns out they have a whole section on World Book Day Costumes. Which is really helpful, as it happens to include some of Chester's favourites! Chester is really into Roahl Dahl stories at the moment, he has a fair few, and the costumes feature heavily on the Tickled Pink website. At the moment he has narrowed it down to Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or The BFG. I am surprised he didn't want to be Willy Wonka! 

I have to say I am slightly envious of the children of today, we didn't have such lovely costumes available to us growing up, and normally had to make do with some creation that my Mum had put together! 

If I was a child choosing a costume today I would have gone for the Victorian girl costume, so I could have been Mary from The Secret Garden. Who was your favourite storybook character as a child, did you get to dress up as them?! 

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