Thursday, 18 February 2016

More football fun for Chester

As you all know, Chester is football mad. He can't get enough of it, usually he trains with Soccer Elite on a Saturday and plays in goal with his team on a Sunday.

But this week has been different. He was asked (along with some other children) to represent Soccer Elite FAs under 7s in a fixture against Chelsea foundation side. When I told him he was so excited, it was really sweet! Chester saw it as an honour to have been picked to play against Chelsea, and spent a long time explaining to me how if it had been against Crystal Palace he would of had to turn it down as he would never play AGAINST his beloved Palace! 

The match was a really great opportunity to play with and against lots of different players/abilities and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I of course, was my usual self, praising when he did well and pointing out where he could have done better! I think Chester would sometimes prefer it if I wasn't a Football Mum! 

I think it is an experience Chester will never forget, which as a Mum, makes me very happy that he has been a part of this. My pictures weren't great as I forgot my camera! But here is a couple of action shots for you....

And that's not all of Chester's football excitement for the week. As I type this he is currently on day 2 of his 3 day Elite Training and Conditioning camp! That's 3 full days of football training! He came home yesterday absolutely buzzing (by bedtime I was taking it as overtiredness) with excitement about what he had learnt that day. It's the first time we have had the opportunity to send Chester to the camp, previous holidays we have just been too busy. I am so glad he is enjoying it, I am also so glad he has the opportunity to do things like this. When I was growing up there was nothing around like this, if there was I am sure I would have wanted to go! 

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