Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Ice skating - a new hobby for Millie

You may remember before Christmas I told you about Millie's ice skating adventure. Well since then we have been a few more times (either Craig has taken her for the toddler session or I have taken her to Pengun Club with her friend).

Millie seems to really enjoy it, and asks to go often. So when my friend and I took our girls to the ice rink on Sunday for Penguin Club they both came away with their very own pair of ice skates! 

I was lucky enough that they had a second hand pair with a bag for only £25. I need to get the blades sharpened the next time I go in but apart from that they are in excellent condition and Millie is thrilled to have her very own pair. 

So now that she has the boots, we have decided that she needs to make use of them! So she now officially has a new hobby and will be spending her weekends on the ice rink!

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