Sunday, 28 February 2016

Baby Born Deluxe Winter Set

Last year when Millie and I celebrated National Dolly Day with Zapf Creations, I discovered just how much Millie loves to dress and undress her dolls.

Her favourite doll is still her Baby Born boy doll, which you may remember she has named Baby Chester, after her big brother! So when we were sent the new Baby Born Deluxe Winter Set to review, Millie insisted that her Baby Chester would be the one to wear it! 

The winter set consists of a snuggle warm pink Jumpsuit, which has a cute Norwegian pattern and is even lined with a warm fur material. It comes with sunglasses too! 

I am really pleased that she chose Chester as her test subject for this, proving that boys (even dolls) can pull off wearing pink just as much as girls! 

Luckily as Baby Chester is a Baby Born doll, the outfit was the perfect size for him! As its an all in one it was a little difficult for Millie to put it on by herself. She is 4 and can normally dress her dolls independently, but this time she needed help getting the feet into the suit. She wasn't bothered that she had to ask for help, in fact I would say that she was happy I was getting involved with her imaginary play.  

It's a really trendy set, I have seen it online and in shops for around £17.99 at the moment. Millie and I think it would be a great addition to any dolls wardrobe! Millie said that the best thing about the set is that her baby Chester would not get cold when she takes him out and about now! 

She really did fall in love with the sunglasses though, so much so that she has spent a lot of time wearing them herself! The last picture isn't very clear because I was laughing so much whilst taking it! 


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