Saturday, 20 February 2016

A new wave of Skylanders Superchargers characters

Chester has been a Skylander fan from the beginning. Right from the Spyros Adventures days. He loves the fact he can play the game on his X Box, but he can also have the character he is playing with in physical form. Chester has always been very good at imaginative play, and having the Skylanders figures to play with has only fuelled his enthusiasm. He has all of the games and will often be found playing one of them.

Skylanders Superchargers, a game released Autumn last year, is the latest to join the Skylander games. Chester got the game for his birthday and the big appeal for him was the fact that you can buy vehicles for your Skylanders to ride in. He has loved every minute of playing the new game, and if he gets frustrated he just goes and plays a race instead of a level! 

Recently Chester was sent some of the new characters and vehicles to put to the test. He was thrilled when the arrived

And couldn't wait to get playing! 

Character wise he was sent; Splat, who is a magic element and apparently has a self taught fighting style! 
Lava Lance Eruptor who has a brand new fire-forged Lava Lance. 
Big Bubble Pop Fizz who has a Big Bubble Blaster and ferocious new powers! 

Vehicle wise he was sent; Thump Truck, which is an Earth Element Land vehicle who was built for one purpose - total destruction, its signature driver is Smash Hit. 
Shield Striker is a Tech Element Land vehicle, it's geared up to enforce justice on anything that stands in its way, it's signature driver is High Volt.
Splatter Splasher is a Magic Element Sea vehicle and is a high speed hydro craft that leaves evil floating in its wake, it's signature driver is Splat.

According to Chester Splat was really good, in fact she was his favourite of the new characters. Her best power was the rainbow flick (although he said he would of prefered the rainbow to be multicoloured). 

Lava Lance Eruptor's horn spike attack was good and he loved the new upgraded character as a physical character to play with. 

Chester advised me that all three of the vehicles had their own advantages but each of them was awesome! He really loved Thump Truck for its huge wheels and going over bumpy areas. Splatter Splasher was very useful on the library level when he had to go under water and then defeat the Hydra.  

Apparently these new characters are a great addition to his Skylander collection and he is very happy he got the opportunity to review them! 

Are your children into Skylanders? Do they have a favourite Character/Vehicle? 

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