Sunday, 28 February 2016

Baby Born Deluxe Winter Set

Last year when Millie and I celebrated National Dolly Day with Zapf Creations, I discovered just how much Millie loves to dress and undress her dolls.

Her favourite doll is still her Baby Born boy doll, which you may remember she has named Baby Chester, after her big brother! So when we were sent the new Baby Born Deluxe Winter Set to review, Millie insisted that her Baby Chester would be the one to wear it! 

The winter set consists of a snuggle warm pink Jumpsuit, which has a cute Norwegian pattern and is even lined with a warm fur material. It comes with sunglasses too! 

I am really pleased that she chose Chester as her test subject for this, proving that boys (even dolls) can pull off wearing pink just as much as girls! 

Luckily as Baby Chester is a Baby Born doll, the outfit was the perfect size for him! As its an all in one it was a little difficult for Millie to put it on by herself. She is 4 and can normally dress her dolls independently, but this time she needed help getting the feet into the suit. She wasn't bothered that she had to ask for help, in fact I would say that she was happy I was getting involved with her imaginary play.  

It's a really trendy set, I have seen it online and in shops for around £17.99 at the moment. Millie and I think it would be a great addition to any dolls wardrobe! Millie said that the best thing about the set is that her baby Chester would not get cold when she takes him out and about now! 

She really did fall in love with the sunglasses though, so much so that she has spent a lot of time wearing them herself! The last picture isn't very clear because I was laughing so much whilst taking it! 


Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Ice skating - a new hobby for Millie

You may remember before Christmas I told you about Millie's ice skating adventure. Well since then we have been a few more times (either Craig has taken her for the toddler session or I have taken her to Pengun Club with her friend).

Millie seems to really enjoy it, and asks to go often. So when my friend and I took our girls to the ice rink on Sunday for Penguin Club they both came away with their very own pair of ice skates! 

I was lucky enough that they had a second hand pair with a bag for only £25. I need to get the blades sharpened the next time I go in but apart from that they are in excellent condition and Millie is thrilled to have her very own pair. 

So now that she has the boots, we have decided that she needs to make use of them! So she now officially has a new hobby and will be spending her weekends on the ice rink!

Saturday, 20 February 2016

A new wave of Skylanders Superchargers characters

Chester has been a Skylander fan from the beginning. Right from the Spyros Adventures days. He loves the fact he can play the game on his X Box, but he can also have the character he is playing with in physical form. Chester has always been very good at imaginative play, and having the Skylanders figures to play with has only fuelled his enthusiasm. He has all of the games and will often be found playing one of them.

Skylanders Superchargers, a game released Autumn last year, is the latest to join the Skylander games. Chester got the game for his birthday and the big appeal for him was the fact that you can buy vehicles for your Skylanders to ride in. He has loved every minute of playing the new game, and if he gets frustrated he just goes and plays a race instead of a level! 

Recently Chester was sent some of the new characters and vehicles to put to the test. He was thrilled when the arrived

And couldn't wait to get playing! 

Character wise he was sent; Splat, who is a magic element and apparently has a self taught fighting style! 
Lava Lance Eruptor who has a brand new fire-forged Lava Lance. 
Big Bubble Pop Fizz who has a Big Bubble Blaster and ferocious new powers! 

Vehicle wise he was sent; Thump Truck, which is an Earth Element Land vehicle who was built for one purpose - total destruction, its signature driver is Smash Hit. 
Shield Striker is a Tech Element Land vehicle, it's geared up to enforce justice on anything that stands in its way, it's signature driver is High Volt.
Splatter Splasher is a Magic Element Sea vehicle and is a high speed hydro craft that leaves evil floating in its wake, it's signature driver is Splat.

According to Chester Splat was really good, in fact she was his favourite of the new characters. Her best power was the rainbow flick (although he said he would of prefered the rainbow to be multicoloured). 

Lava Lance Eruptor's horn spike attack was good and he loved the new upgraded character as a physical character to play with. 

Chester advised me that all three of the vehicles had their own advantages but each of them was awesome! He really loved Thump Truck for its huge wheels and going over bumpy areas. Splatter Splasher was very useful on the library level when he had to go under water and then defeat the Hydra.  

Apparently these new characters are a great addition to his Skylander collection and he is very happy he got the opportunity to review them! 

Are your children into Skylanders? Do they have a favourite Character/Vehicle? 

Friday, 19 February 2016

Millie's half term Panda fun!

Ah Millie, my Panda mad cheeky one. It seems like she spends her whole life following her football mad brother to his football training or matches.

I have had a couple of days off of work this week as its half term. So after day one was spent watching Chester play football, I decided day two should be spent doing something Millie loves doing. It was a pretty difficult task trying to find something, I mean her only true love is Panda! But eventually I found that the Intu shopping centres were running some Kung Fu Panda 3 activities over half term. 

So on Tuesday we headed over to Lakeside to see what panda activities we could find! Millie insisted on wearing her panda themed clothes and taking one (of many) panda teddy with her. 

I presumed we would be doing the activities for an hour or so and be home just after lunch. Oh how wrong was I! Both children loved it so much that we were busy with the panda activities for around 4 hours! 

There was an interactive story time, where the staff envolved the children in a little game. Millie's job was to spin the red umbrella to give everyone else luck! 

Then we spent quite a lot of time colouring in and making panda masks... 

Chester was very interested in making himself a bandana, which some Chinese writing on it. He chose to write warrior on his, whilst I helped Millie write princess. No surprises there! 

They were also lucky enough to have a Kung fu session too. All in all it was a pretty awesome day, really well organised and the staff were lovely. They really made it a fun time for all the children!

I think it's safe to say that Millie certainly got her Panda fix on that day! 

Thursday, 18 February 2016

More football fun for Chester

As you all know, Chester is football mad. He can't get enough of it, usually he trains with Soccer Elite on a Saturday and plays in goal with his team on a Sunday.

But this week has been different. He was asked (along with some other children) to represent Soccer Elite FAs under 7s in a fixture against Chelsea foundation side. When I told him he was so excited, it was really sweet! Chester saw it as an honour to have been picked to play against Chelsea, and spent a long time explaining to me how if it had been against Crystal Palace he would of had to turn it down as he would never play AGAINST his beloved Palace! 

The match was a really great opportunity to play with and against lots of different players/abilities and he thoroughly enjoyed it. I of course, was my usual self, praising when he did well and pointing out where he could have done better! I think Chester would sometimes prefer it if I wasn't a Football Mum! 

I think it is an experience Chester will never forget, which as a Mum, makes me very happy that he has been a part of this. My pictures weren't great as I forgot my camera! But here is a couple of action shots for you....

And that's not all of Chester's football excitement for the week. As I type this he is currently on day 2 of his 3 day Elite Training and Conditioning camp! That's 3 full days of football training! He came home yesterday absolutely buzzing (by bedtime I was taking it as overtiredness) with excitement about what he had learnt that day. It's the first time we have had the opportunity to send Chester to the camp, previous holidays we have just been too busy. I am so glad he is enjoying it, I am also so glad he has the opportunity to do things like this. When I was growing up there was nothing around like this, if there was I am sure I would have wanted to go! 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

World Book Day 2016 - costume ideas

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that we absolutely love reading in our house. We have more than one bookcase brimming with books. The children love their bedtime story, and now that Chester is 7 he quite often likes to read the story to us.

This year World book day falls on Thursday 3rd March and Chester's School will be dressing up.  I just know Chester is going to find it hard to choose his favourite character to dress up as. He loves so many books, but I think I may have found a solution to help him narrow it down. 

Before Christmas we were sent some lovely costumes from tickled pink fancy dress, they were really great quality and value and I can see them lasting another year. Millie practically lived in her Mrs Claus outfit, it was comfortable, child friendly material. 

Doesn't she look adorable... 

Well, I have been looking on the Tickled Pink Fancy dress website for inspiration, and it turns out they have a whole section on World Book Day Costumes. Which is really helpful, as it happens to include some of Chester's favourites! Chester is really into Roahl Dahl stories at the moment, he has a fair few, and the costumes feature heavily on the Tickled Pink website. At the moment he has narrowed it down to Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or The BFG. I am surprised he didn't want to be Willy Wonka! 

I have to say I am slightly envious of the children of today, we didn't have such lovely costumes available to us growing up, and normally had to make do with some creation that my Mum had put together! 

If I was a child choosing a costume today I would have gone for the Victorian girl costume, so I could have been Mary from The Secret Garden. Who was your favourite storybook character as a child, did you get to dress up as them?! 

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Millie is still so in love with Pandas!

For the last 2 and a half years Millie has been obsessed with Pandas as you all know. I think it's great, and what is even better is that there seems to be lots of Panda related toys, books and games around at the moment.

Father Christmas brought Millie a lovely book about a panda named Pom Pom and Millie loves it so much that she almost knows it off by heart. 

Here she is 'reading' the story...