Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Woodlands Beefeater has had a makeover!

Now I don't know about you, but I consider Beefeater restaurant chains to be a household name. It is what I would call a go to family friendly restaurant. Actually, the last time I visited a Beefeater restaurant was with lots of family to celebrate my Nan's 85th Birthday.

Recently though, we were invited to review The Woodlands Beefeater in Gravesend, Kent.

Living in Kent ourselves meant that it was just a short trip down the motorway for us, it was a great excuse for some quality family time (and as we discovered some quality food!) The restaurant is conveniently situated just a couple of minutes off of the M2 motorway so very easy to find. 

We were very impressed with the recent makeover the restaurant has undergone. I bet you can guess which part of this lovely Wall Art Chester found this hilarious...

 The whole decor was lovely, very modern and updated, yet it still had a lovely homely feel to it. 

The restaurant is clearly very popular, we arrived for a late lunch at 3.30pm and it was bustling with people. But in a good way, not a noisy over crowded way. Our waitress Sharon was really lovely, she took the time to listen to what the children wanted to excitedly tell her, and gave us her personal recommendations when we couldn't decide! She even gave the children extra colouring sheets when they asked for them. Which kept them entertained whilst we waited for the food to arrive. 

As it was Sunday, and after Sharon's recommendation, I went for the Roast Lamb which was delicious  and cooked to perfection! I also had the side of Cauliflower cheese, which was a little too Al dente for my liking. 

Craig went for the Steak with unlimited triple cooked chips. Craig's logic was that a restaurant like this was only as good as its steak. Luckily Craig gave it the thumbs up! The chips were so delicious that he was disappointed he couldn't quite manage to eat more than one portion! 

The children's menu is Mr Men themed, which took Craig and I back to our childhoods! But it is a timeless classic so I can see why they have gone for this theme. I like the fact that the children's menu has got different options, Chester and Millie are not huge eaters so for them the 2 courses plus a drink was the best option for them. But for only 50p more they could add on a starter (or desert if your chose a starter for your 2nd course!). The menu had lots of different choices, I think Beefeater have clearly put a lot of work into understanding the younger generation. They clearly know that not every child wants beans with their nuggets or chips with their burger. Chester especially felt important that he was given choices to go with the pizza he chose, even more so because our waitress asked him and not us! 

We also all indulged in pudding, which was a real treat because at home we rarely have pudding! Craig went for the Cherry Bakewell tart, which is a new addition to the menu and was apparently very nice. Sadly he saved none for me to try! 

I went for the Apple and Cherry Crumble, because let's face it, nothing says winter warmer better than a crumble! This one didn't disappoint it was sweet from the apple, sour from the cherry and had a lovely crumble top. 

Chester went for the cookies and ice cream, which was pictured in a little Mr Men pouch, but showed up with no Mr Men theming which I think Chester was a little disappointed with. I am told the cookies were vey yummy and chewy! 

Millie went for the create your own ice cream dish, which came with a lovely array of sweets. Millie couldn't believe her luck! 

Overall we had a great meal at The Woodlands Beefeater. We were all very impressed with the make over, it really suits the restaurant and puts across very cleverly, in a tongue in cheek way what Beefeater prides itself on. Beef! 

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