Friday, 22 January 2016

Someone special made a visit to our house!

On Friday 8th January 2016 something awesome happened.

Well, something awesome happened for Chester. 

After weeks and weeks of wobbling, twisting and turning, at the age of 7 and a half, Chester's first wobbly tooth fell out! 

Despite days of trying his very hardest to pull it out, at times causing his gum to bleed (typical boy), it fell out at the most unexpected of times. On a very average journey home. Chester put a sweet in his mouth and said very calmly 'my tooth has just come out, I almost swallowed it'! 

Of course this caused Chester and Millie to get very excited. The prospect of the tooth fairy finally visiting our house was just amazing!

So at bedtime, Chester carefully placed his tooth underneath his pillow, and then a very rare thing happened. Both children went to sleep almost instantly! The added bonus of this was that it was Millie's birthday the next day.

When Chester woke up at 4am (crazy child) to check under his pillow, he discovered that the tooth fairy had been. This is what she had left for him... 

I think just this once we can let him off for the 4am wake up call, because it was just so lovely to see how happy he was that the tooth fairy had actually been and had left him not only a brand new coin, but also a special card because it was his very first tooth! 

How old was your child when they lost their first tooth? 

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