Friday, 15 January 2016

Baby Born interactive unicorn

Millie is very much a child who love imaginative play. She is also a child who loves her dolls! You may remember a while back that she got a Baby Born interactive boy doll, which she named Chester after her brother! Well she still adores baby Chester and plays with him often.

What I love about the baby born range is that they really have thought about products from a child's point of view. This is where the Baby Born Interactive Unicorn comes in! 

I think imaginative play is very important to children, it always amazes me when I sit back and listen to the stories Chester and Millie create! So when the Baby Born interactive unicorn arrived you can imagine how thrilled Millie was! Every child loves a unicorn right?! 

As Millie explored the unicorn she worked out very quickly that it was a very special unicorn. It was the perfect size for her Baby Born interactive doll, it had coloured hair extensions with a comb and a brush, plus it has some decorative stickers! 

But that's not all! It also plays a tune if you push down on the unicorns horn. Millie calls it a lullaby, which of course is a must to help her get to sleep at bed time!

Overall we are very happy with the unicorn, from a child's point of view it is the perfect imaginative play tool. From a parents point of view it is a robust, well made toy which provides hours of fun for my child! 

The Baby Born interactive unicorn can be found in a number of well know retailers, and most are selling it for £27.99 which I think it a good price considering what it does and the amount of hours of play Millie has already got out of it. I am really happy that her Baby Born dolls are also able to fit on it and it's a great addition to her collection! 

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