Sunday, 6 December 2015

Millie's Ice Skating adventures!

Our weekends are pretty much taken up with football. Chester normally goes to football training on Saturday and then he either has a match or training on Sunday's. Which is great because it's something he is very passionate about. However, poor Millie has to come along too, so her weekends are also full of football!

I am very concious that she needs to enjoy her weekend too, so with that in mind a couple of weeks ago I took her Ice Skating.

She was so excited, I think she had visions of it being a bit like Frozen! 

She loved the little ice skates... 

She had lots of fun using the penguin, it was really busy on the ice but it didn't seem to phase her at all. 

After a little while she asked to use the walrus instead, which she sat on and had me push her round as fast as I could! 

Whilst we were there I noticed that they ran sessions on Wednesdays for toddlers, it's was only £5 and included skate and penguin hire, plus juice and biscuits! As Craig was off on Wednesday he took her along, but in typical Craig style he forgot to take any photos, which I was very disappointed about! 

But he did reassure me that Millie had a great time! Apparently they has lots of little ride on cars and snow piles which Millie loved. I couldn't help but laugh when Craig told me what happened when Millie skated/scooted all the way across the ice rink and the ice Marshall had to go and fetch her, because Craig was not very good at skating! 

We are lucky to have the Ice Rink less than half an hour away, and after seeing how much Millie loved it we will definitely have to visit more often, we may even pursade Chester to have a go! 

Have you taken your little ones ice skating? 

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