Monday, 28 December 2015

Chester's trip to Selhurst Park for the Junior Eagles Christmas Party.

Chester is still football mad, and more importantly Crystal Palace mad! I love it, I love his excitement and passion for the game.

So this Christmas I thought I would treat him to a ticket to the Junior Eagles Christmas Party. It's exclusively for Junior Members and costs only £10! 

Chester was so excited, on the drive up there he was wondering what players he would meet, and what he would say to them if he did meet them. He was so excited at the prospect of meeting Pete the Eagle too! 

We arrived, he was given a wrist band and we were seated for dinner, which Chester really enjoyed. 

Then he spotted Pete and Alice Eagle and there was no stopping him. He made a beeline to them and gave them so many hugs! 

Soon his colour group were called up to meet the players. We walked into the room not knowing who was going to be there, and it was great. Chester was totally star struck and could barely speak! He couldn't quite believe that some of the players he looks up to and respects, were right in front of him!

He was especially pleased to meet Wayne Hennessy a fellow goal keeper. As you all know Chester is a goal keeper for his local team and he also does goal keeper training at SEFA. Meeting someone who loves goal keeping as much as he does just blew his mind and he couldn't get all those things out that he wanted to say! 

After the excitement of meeting the players he joined in with some Party games, which were hosted by some of the Crystals (Crystal Palace's cheerleaders). He had a really great time at the party and was thrilled to receive a Christmas gift of a scarf, which has been on his wish list for a while. 


I am so pleased that I made the decision to take him, it was a great experience for him and a lovely treat too. 

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