Sunday, 29 November 2015

My little Eagle

Chester's passion for football, inparticular is love for his team Crystal Palace, just keeps on growing. He never ceases to amaze me with the amount of knowledge of football he has. He can tell me game stats, scores and goal scorers.

Last Monday we were lucky enough to go to the Crystal Palace v Sunderland game at Selhurst Park. Games under the floodlights are always a great atmosphere, but as Chester discovered on Monday, they are a long drive home when Palace loose! 


The match wasn't great, Chester wanted answers! He can't understand why they struggle so much at home, especially to teams that they could quite easily beat. As a goal keeper himself he was very frustrated with the goalkeeper. He hates it when Speroni is not in goal, and he certainly let it be known when mistakes were made! I love it that he gets so passionate about his team.

He also got his shirt printed whilst we were there, he has this seasons home shirt and wanted it printed with one of his favourite players.... 


He also managed to persuade me to get him the goal keeper kit, printed with Speroni for Christmas, although he is most annoyed I won't let him have it until Christmas! 

I really hope he keeps his passion for his team and football in general. It's lovely to see him happily chatting about football all the time! 

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