Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hopster TV

As you know we are Samsung Kids bloggers, and have been busy exploring the Samsung 4HD smart TV.

One of the perks of having is a smart TV are the apps. One of the apps that we have been exploring recently is Hopster

 Hopster is a an app for kids. It shows a really wide variety of kids shows and games. The shows are great, they are advert free and very easy for the children to navigate. 

Chester and Millie have got a unanimous favourite at the moment and that is Super Why. It's an educational show about spelling and language. They have also explored a fair few of the other shows, of which there are over 30 amounting to over 1000 episodes (depending on what country you are viewing from). 

Hopster has currently got a 7 day free trial offer, and then it is just £3.99 a month. You are not tied into any contract and can cancel at anytime. Another big plus for us is that Hopster is not only linked to our TV it is also linked to our iPad. So if we are out and about visiting relatives etc we can still keep the children entertained.

Hopster has really proved its worth with us. For example, Millie was poorly a few weeks ago so we had a lot of late nights. Being able to just put Hopster on so she could chose a show to watch at the click of a button was great. It took her mind off of being poorly and helped us to clear up and then just chill out with her, even if we were tired! 

The children were also sent some lovely Hopster goodie bags. Which have kept them quiet many a time! 

Do you use Hopster? What is your children's favourite programme?! 

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