Monday, 30 November 2015

The Christmas excitement has begun!

Ok, I have refrained from mentioning the C word for long enough! The children and I are so excited about Christmas, this weekend we kicked off the festive season by baking some festive cookies (look out for my blog post about them next weekend!)

We also went to a Christmas Party which was organised by one of the lovely School mums. Chester and Millie, along with all of the other children, couldn't believe their luck when Father Christmas turned up! 

Because the 'Book Advent' went down so well last year, I decided to do it again. So I spent a lot of time yesterday wrapping up 24 different Christmas books. This year I brought 4 new ones for us to enjoy, and of course I wrapped up my beloved childhood book 'Twas the night before Christmas to enjoy of Christmas Eve! 

This evening I have been busy getting all of the advent goodies ready. This year I was lucky enough to get the playmobil advent calendars on offer when we went to France, and my parents brought the children a wooden advent, which I have stuffed with sweet treats! 

I can't wait to see their faces in the morning, it really is a magical time of year! 

Sunday, 29 November 2015

My little Eagle

Chester's passion for football, inparticular is love for his team Crystal Palace, just keeps on growing. He never ceases to amaze me with the amount of knowledge of football he has. He can tell me game stats, scores and goal scorers.

Last Monday we were lucky enough to go to the Crystal Palace v Sunderland game at Selhurst Park. Games under the floodlights are always a great atmosphere, but as Chester discovered on Monday, they are a long drive home when Palace loose! 


The match wasn't great, Chester wanted answers! He can't understand why they struggle so much at home, especially to teams that they could quite easily beat. As a goal keeper himself he was very frustrated with the goalkeeper. He hates it when Speroni is not in goal, and he certainly let it be known when mistakes were made! I love it that he gets so passionate about his team.

He also got his shirt printed whilst we were there, he has this seasons home shirt and wanted it printed with one of his favourite players.... 


He also managed to persuade me to get him the goal keeper kit, printed with Speroni for Christmas, although he is most annoyed I won't let him have it until Christmas! 

I really hope he keeps his passion for his team and football in general. It's lovely to see him happily chatting about football all the time! 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hopster TV

As you know we are Samsung Kids bloggers, and have been busy exploring the Samsung 4HD smart TV.

One of the perks of having is a smart TV are the apps. One of the apps that we have been exploring recently is Hopster

 Hopster is a an app for kids. It shows a really wide variety of kids shows and games. The shows are great, they are advert free and very easy for the children to navigate. 

Chester and Millie have got a unanimous favourite at the moment and that is Super Why. It's an educational show about spelling and language. They have also explored a fair few of the other shows, of which there are over 30 amounting to over 1000 episodes (depending on what country you are viewing from). 

Hopster has currently got a 7 day free trial offer, and then it is just £3.99 a month. You are not tied into any contract and can cancel at anytime. Another big plus for us is that Hopster is not only linked to our TV it is also linked to our iPad. So if we are out and about visiting relatives etc we can still keep the children entertained.

Hopster has really proved its worth with us. For example, Millie was poorly a few weeks ago so we had a lot of late nights. Being able to just put Hopster on so she could chose a show to watch at the click of a button was great. It took her mind off of being poorly and helped us to clear up and then just chill out with her, even if we were tired! 

The children were also sent some lovely Hopster goodie bags. Which have kept them quiet many a time! 

Do you use Hopster? What is your children's favourite programme?! 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Our half term break to France and Disneyland Paris!

We have been back a week now, but I am finding it hard to get back into normal routine! Hence why it has taken so long to write this post!

I will firstly give you a little background on this holiday. I won it! Yes, you read it right, I won it! As you know I love to enter competitions, but never did I imagine that I would win a holiday! The prize was a holiday up to the value of £1,500 with Eurocamp. 

We had never been on a Eurocamp holiday before, in fact, before going on this holiday I probably wouldn't have contemplated it. But we loved it! We stayed on a site called La Croix Du Vieux Pont, which is in a town called Berny-Rivière, France. We chose to stay in a 'Vista' holiday home, which I will admit to being worried about. It's essentially a static caravan and in the past we have had a bad experience with staying in a caravan so vowed never to do it again! However we were plesantly surprise when we arrived to a warm, modern, and comfortable holiday home. All of our fears went out of the window and in fact we loved it so much that we have now booked to go to Holland with Eurocamp next year staying in the same accommodation! 

The site itself was great, it had a lovely pool, bowling, AstroTurf pitches, evening entertainment, a bakery/shop, takeaway, restaurant and bar. Plus loads more to explore. The children absolutely loved it! 

The local area had loads of War History, which I wish I had researched before we went, I think we need to go back just to explore it all! 

Disneyland Paris was just over an hour away so we also used the holiday as an excuse (as if our Disney mad family needed one?!) to visit. It was Millies first visit to Disneyland Paris, Chester's third, and our first one driving. It was also our first time visiting in Halloween season so we were all very excited! 

We managed to cram so much into our holiday, I think we need to go on another one to relax! I am going to write some separate blog posts about certain aspects of our visit to Disneyland Paris as I have some tips. But in the mean time here is a little bit of what we got up to.... 

Daredevil Chester went on as many fast rides and Rollercoaster as he could! 

Millie got to meet her hero Jack Skellington...

Chester finally got to meet Jafar! 

Millie got to have lunch with the princesses... 

we all enjoyed the Halloween extras and theme around the parks...

And lastly, following in her brothers footsteps, Millie discovered and fell in love with the Slinky Dog Ride!

 Have you ever holidayed with Eurocamp? What are your thoughts, I would love some tips for next time!