Monday, 19 October 2015

Tiny Tears 50th Anniversary edition!

You may recall last year that we reviewed the Tiny Tears doll. Millie still loves her tiny tears, she loves all her dolls. She is far more girly than I ever was as a child and I love it. She is always on an adventure and usually it involves one or three of her dolls!

John Adams have released a limited edition 50th anniversary Tiny Tears, I know right, that's quite an achievement?! My mum had one, my sister had one and now Millie gets to enjoy playing with them. Three generations have all played with a Tiny Tears while growing up. Amazing. 

To celebrate her 50th anniversary, this special edition Tiny Tears doll is all dressed up in a sparkly birthday princess dress along with a vintage curly hairstyle. 

Millie was lucky enough to be sent one to review and she absolutely loves both of these features, she loves any excuse to wear a party dress so the fact her doll is wearing such a lovely one is great in her eyes! 

The hair was the first thing Millie noticed, she loves playing with hair and has even taken Tiny Tears into nursery so that one of the nursery workers can style Millie's hair the same as the doll! Clearly my hairdressing skills are not as good!


Just like the traditional doll, you can still feed Tiny Tears from her very own water bottle then put her on her potty to wet, sit her up and she will cry real tears, like a real baby! I actually think this Tiny Tears edition is much more flexible from previous editions which really helped from a 3 year olds perspective. It's very easy for Millie to put her on the potty or lay her in a pushchair for a nap, or even sit her on the floor beside herself to watch TV! 

When it’s time for a nap, and you lay her down, her eyes gently close. If I'm honest this is the very reason I did not like dolls as a child, maybe I am just weird though because Millie absolutely loves that Tiny Tears knows when to close her eyes for a nap and she doesn't find it a problem at all! 

The 50th anniversary limited edition doll also comes complete with a keepsake special commemorative certificate, printed with its own unique number!

Overall Millie is absolutely in love with this 50th anniversary edition. Tiny Tears has been on several outings with us, including various trips to Nursery and even a sleepover at my sisters house! With an RRP of £29.99, and available at all good toy retailers, Millie and I think she is a great buy for any doll loving child. 

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