Sunday, 4 October 2015

Finally Chester witnessed a win at Selhurst Park!

As most of you know, Chester celebrated his 7th Birthday last week, and as my parents live so far away they came up to stay this weekend.

Chester knew they were coming up, but what he didn't know was that my Dad had brought tickets to go and see Crystal Palace v West Brom! His face when he opened up the present and saw the tickets was priceless, he genuinely couldn't believe it. 

So my Dad, Chester and I set off to Selhurst Park quite early. We wanted to go in the club shop first to get Chester the new kit, and Chester wanted to buy some bits with his birthday money too. All the way up there Chester was smiling, it was so cute! 

The match was great, Palace played really well and won 2-0, I think you will agree that this picture sums up exactly how happy Chester was.... 

Chester has been to Selhurst Park a few times now, but this is the first time Crystal Palace have won whilst he was there! My Dad and Chester had seats in front of me, which was probably a good thing. Chester is such a proud Palace fan, he joined in with the songs, and was very passionate about the football being played. I was actually so happy that he was having such an awesome time that I will admit to having a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat more than once. 

It was such an awesome day, and of course, Chester has already asked when we can go back! 

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