Sunday, 11 October 2015

A mini beast hunt, by Chester.

I love how Chester's homework is a lot more varied this year, and this week he came home with some science homework. The brief was to get outside and look for some mini beasts. So this afternoon we decided to walk over to a local environmental park (it could well be called a nature reserve, I can never decide!) to see what we could find! 

So for the second time ever, Chester is taking over my blog to tell you all about his fun afternoon exploring....

We went to the environmental park near our house, looking for lots of mini beasts. 

We explored the forest, looking through the leaves on the ground. We looked under a stick and found a millipede. It was a little scared so it curled up into a ball. 

We found a pile of dirt just off of the path and used a stick to dig. We found lots of worms, Millie and I counted at least 10 and one was on the end of Millie's stick which was very funny! 

Then a white butterfly flew past us, I think it liked the sunny day. 

We looked under the bench as it was made of wood, but we did not find any mini beasts. 

Next Mummy spotted a giant spiderweb in the brambles so Millie screamed and ran away! In the middle of the spiderweb was a huge spider! We walked around the corner and found 5 more spider webs with big spiders, I think they must have been a family. 

We searched and searched for a long time, but didn't find any more mini beasts. But Millie found a feather and then when we were looking under some logs we found a log that had mushrooms growing on it! Mummy has to remind Millie not to touch them! 

We listened very carefully around the meadow and heard lots of funny noises, we decided it sounded like grasshoppers or crickets. 

Then I spotted two holes under the brambles and we thought that maybe they were rabbits homes. Mummy explained that rabbits homes are called warrens. 

We didn't find all of the mini beasts on my homework sheet, but we had lots of fun exploring and trying to find them. On the walk home we talked about where the mini beasts lived and decided that most of them liked to live in mud or in damp and dark places. 

Chester age 7. 

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