Thursday, 22 October 2015

Introducing our Samsung Smart TV

Before Samsung got in contact with me about smart TVs I have to admit that I actually didn't know much about them. I suppose I had gotten so used to routine when it came to our TV I hadn't even thought of the possibility that our TV could be. Well. Smart!

We were recently sent a Samsung UE40JU6400 LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with built in freeview and WIFI. As a family, we were very intrigued to find out more about what a Smart TV could offer us. So over the last few weeks we have been busy exploring the TV and I have to say I don't even think we have uncovered half of what it can offer, and we are very impressed!

If, like me, you are not really in the know about what a Smart TV does take a look at this very informative Infographic. Click on the picture to explore it further!

It really is amazing what we can do with technology nowadays isnt it!

Craig loves that he can pair it with his phone.

I love that it's so easy to watch catch up TV, As a busy mum its hard to find time to sit down and watch tv, the amount of times I have said I wish I had remembered that programme was on. Well now I don't have to worry as I can simply find it on catch up!

Chester and Millie have had great fun exploring the apps and games, they are especially loving the football game, penalty, (what a surprise!) and have spent a long time perfecting their remote control ball skills!

There are some great child friendly apps to download (along with a whole host of adult friendly ones), and it is really as easy as ABC to download them! 

Chester is very tech savvy, it actually scares me sometimes how much he knows! It was good to find out the Samsung smart TVs have a built in parental lock feature which is really easy to set up and peace of mind for us parents of inquisitive children! 

 Chester instantly worked out he could connect to YouTube and this has been a big hit with both of the children. To have YouTube on the big screen! Chester has used it to watch Match Attax unveiling videos and Millie has used it to watch Disney Videos ahead of our upcoming trip!

I know that we still have a lot to learn about this TV, so over the coming weeks look out for more blog posts from us explaining the benefits of a Samsung Smart TV. As a money saving Mummy I suspect I shall find the no contract and pay as you go options very appealing!

Do you have a Smart TV, I would love to know your hints and tips!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Tiny Tears 50th Anniversary edition!

You may recall last year that we reviewed the Tiny Tears doll. Millie still loves her tiny tears, she loves all her dolls. She is far more girly than I ever was as a child and I love it. She is always on an adventure and usually it involves one or three of her dolls!

John Adams have released a limited edition 50th anniversary Tiny Tears, I know right, that's quite an achievement?! My mum had one, my sister had one and now Millie gets to enjoy playing with them. Three generations have all played with a Tiny Tears while growing up. Amazing. 

To celebrate her 50th anniversary, this special edition Tiny Tears doll is all dressed up in a sparkly birthday princess dress along with a vintage curly hairstyle. 

Millie was lucky enough to be sent one to review and she absolutely loves both of these features, she loves any excuse to wear a party dress so the fact her doll is wearing such a lovely one is great in her eyes! 

The hair was the first thing Millie noticed, she loves playing with hair and has even taken Tiny Tears into nursery so that one of the nursery workers can style Millie's hair the same as the doll! Clearly my hairdressing skills are not as good!


Just like the traditional doll, you can still feed Tiny Tears from her very own water bottle then put her on her potty to wet, sit her up and she will cry real tears, like a real baby! I actually think this Tiny Tears edition is much more flexible from previous editions which really helped from a 3 year olds perspective. It's very easy for Millie to put her on the potty or lay her in a pushchair for a nap, or even sit her on the floor beside herself to watch TV! 

When it’s time for a nap, and you lay her down, her eyes gently close. If I'm honest this is the very reason I did not like dolls as a child, maybe I am just weird though because Millie absolutely loves that Tiny Tears knows when to close her eyes for a nap and she doesn't find it a problem at all! 

The 50th anniversary limited edition doll also comes complete with a keepsake special commemorative certificate, printed with its own unique number!

Overall Millie is absolutely in love with this 50th anniversary edition. Tiny Tears has been on several outings with us, including various trips to Nursery and even a sleepover at my sisters house! With an RRP of £29.99, and available at all good toy retailers, Millie and I think she is a great buy for any doll loving child. 

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Autumn flowers to brighten up your day!

It's always nice to receive flowers, even nicer when they come with luxury chocolates too!

That's exactly what I received just over a week ago. Appleyard London, who specialise in Flower delivery, were kind enough to let me choose an autumnal bouquet, and I have to say that they had so much to choose from that I struggled! They all looked beautiful, with a wide variety of flowers in each bouquet. 

Eventually I decided to go for the Hot Toddy Bouquet, which also happened to come with a free box of Luxury Chocolates. The reason I went for this bouquet was that I felt it had just the right amount of flowers to berries and greenery. Also, I really love pink roses, almost as much as I love white roses!

When the flowers arrived they were well packaged, with a lot of the flowers still in bud. Appleyard give a 7 day guarantee on their flowers, and the fact some were still in bud certainly helped the longevity of my bouquet. It's also worth noting that they offer next day flowers too, which is great for people who live life last minute! 

As it happens the flowers are still looking amazing at just over a week old. 

Overall I am really impressed with Appleyard and their flowers. I did have to speak with them about a separate issue and I have to say they clearly have their customers interests as a top priority. I love the website, it's really easy to use and shows the bouquets and prices clearly. 

Appleyard have given me a special discount code to share with you, my lovely readers. It will get you a whooping 33% off their lovely bouquets (excluding flowers by post range). Just type in 'BLOG33' 

Let me know if you use the code and what flowers you chose!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

A mini beast hunt, by Chester.

I love how Chester's homework is a lot more varied this year, and this week he came home with some science homework. The brief was to get outside and look for some mini beasts. So this afternoon we decided to walk over to a local environmental park (it could well be called a nature reserve, I can never decide!) to see what we could find! 

So for the second time ever, Chester is taking over my blog to tell you all about his fun afternoon exploring....

We went to the environmental park near our house, looking for lots of mini beasts. 

We explored the forest, looking through the leaves on the ground. We looked under a stick and found a millipede. It was a little scared so it curled up into a ball. 

We found a pile of dirt just off of the path and used a stick to dig. We found lots of worms, Millie and I counted at least 10 and one was on the end of Millie's stick which was very funny! 

Then a white butterfly flew past us, I think it liked the sunny day. 

We looked under the bench as it was made of wood, but we did not find any mini beasts. 

Next Mummy spotted a giant spiderweb in the brambles so Millie screamed and ran away! In the middle of the spiderweb was a huge spider! We walked around the corner and found 5 more spider webs with big spiders, I think they must have been a family. 

We searched and searched for a long time, but didn't find any more mini beasts. But Millie found a feather and then when we were looking under some logs we found a log that had mushrooms growing on it! Mummy has to remind Millie not to touch them! 

We listened very carefully around the meadow and heard lots of funny noises, we decided it sounded like grasshoppers or crickets. 

Then I spotted two holes under the brambles and we thought that maybe they were rabbits homes. Mummy explained that rabbits homes are called warrens. 

We didn't find all of the mini beasts on my homework sheet, but we had lots of fun exploring and trying to find them. On the walk home we talked about where the mini beasts lived and decided that most of them liked to live in mud or in damp and dark places. 

Chester age 7. 

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Finally Chester witnessed a win at Selhurst Park!

As most of you know, Chester celebrated his 7th Birthday last week, and as my parents live so far away they came up to stay this weekend.

Chester knew they were coming up, but what he didn't know was that my Dad had brought tickets to go and see Crystal Palace v West Brom! His face when he opened up the present and saw the tickets was priceless, he genuinely couldn't believe it. 

So my Dad, Chester and I set off to Selhurst Park quite early. We wanted to go in the club shop first to get Chester the new kit, and Chester wanted to buy some bits with his birthday money too. All the way up there Chester was smiling, it was so cute! 

The match was great, Palace played really well and won 2-0, I think you will agree that this picture sums up exactly how happy Chester was.... 

Chester has been to Selhurst Park a few times now, but this is the first time Crystal Palace have won whilst he was there! My Dad and Chester had seats in front of me, which was probably a good thing. Chester is such a proud Palace fan, he joined in with the songs, and was very passionate about the football being played. I was actually so happy that he was having such an awesome time that I will admit to having a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat more than once. 

It was such an awesome day, and of course, Chester has already asked when we can go back! 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

My baby is now 7!

I can't quite believe it, but Chester is now 7!

The saying time flies when you are having fun is certainly true, I actually can't believe how quickly the last 7 years have gone! 

Chester has grown into a very head strong, but kind, and caring boy. Everyday I am proud of him, but even more so over the last year. He has managed to turn his behaviour around, he is taking school a lot more seriously, learning new things at such a fast pace I can't keep up! 

Importantly, he is enjoying his hobbies in a big way. Football especially. In fact, I think I would go as far as to say Chester is obsessed with football! Both playing and watching it! So he was absolutely thrilled when he not only got a Crystal Palace Membership, but also a card and a gift from Crystal Palace! 

It probably won't be a surprise to most that Chester is still Skylander mad! Needless to say he asked for the new Skylanders Superchargers for his birthday and he is already on chapter 15. Crazy! 

Another giveaway sign that my baby is growing up, was his choice of birthday treat. Rather than ask for a party, he asked to spend the day at Chessington with a friend! Then on his actual birthday he wanted to go out for a meal with another friend. Which I thought was sweet! 

So Happy 7th Birthday to my cheeky Chester, I hope this year brings you lots of fun and laughter, and that you continue to follow your dreams!