Thursday, 24 September 2015

Pronunciation of the letter 'L' success!

I saw Millie's key worker from Nursery this evening (she also happens to be Chesters Beaver scout leader) and she excitedly told me all about Millie's progress with her pronunciation of the letter 'L', even getting Millie to demonstrate. It went a little something like this.......

Now you may wonder why I am so excited about this?

Well Millie has never pronounced her 'L' correctly, she replaces it with 'R', and no matter how many times we try and correct her she just doesn't get it. 

Until now.

I had never mentioned to Millie's Nursery that I was concerned, I suppose there was a little part of me that was hoping she would grow out of it. So when her key worker excitedly told me about her achievement this evening I was overwhelmed! She explained that they had been sitting down with her and giving her a stamp if she pronounced it correctly. 

I totally trust Millie's nursery and everyone that works there, and have never doubted their ability to look after Millie. But this has just bowled me over, in my eyes they have recognised a problem and gone that extra mile to help her out. The fact Millie's key worker was so excited to tell me, strengthens my belief that they really do care and show and interest in each child. 

I can't thank them enough! 

Does your child struggle with the pronunciation of a letter? 

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