Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Celebrating National Doll Day with Zapf Creations.

Honestly, the things I do for my children! I am sure I have told you before, but growing up, I was never in to dolls like most girls my age. I was more into football and scaletrix. I suppose I have my Dad to thank for that! Millie however, is very much in to dolls, in fact she is the exact opposite of me!

So when we were invited to help celebrate National Doll Day at the Museum of Childhood with Zapf Creations, I simply couldn't turn it down! I mean Millie would have never forgiven me!

We had a fantastic time looking at different dolls and doll houses around the museum, discussing how they have changed over the years.

Thank goodness dolls have evolved since the Victorian times, I simply wouldn't be able to sleep at night with those kind of dolls staring at me!

Then it was into a lovely room, that I can only describe as Millie's dream come true! It was full of dolls and doll related items. Ready for everyone to play with them! I don't think Millie knew what to play with first, she was so overwhelmed!

As the morning went on, it became clear that Millie really loved the Baby Born products. From the dolls, to the pushchairs she loved it all.

She became fascinated with changing nappies and clothes. In particular on the boy doll! I think because it had parts that she hasn't got, she really wanted to see how it went to the toilet!

Millie was allowed to choose a doll to bring home with her, and it was no surprise when she chose the Baby Born Interactive boy doll. He has since been named Chester (after her big brother) and he hasn't left her side! She has taken him to the childminders, to the park, around the grandparents houses. His 'cot' which she has made in her bed for him is full of blankets and teddies to keep him company at night, and just like a real baby he had a bedwetting incident the other day, meaning we had to change all the sheets! Millie found this hilarious!

I really love the fact that Millie really wants to use dolls and doll accessories to further her imagination and the way she plays. Its really lovely watching her create her own little world.

Do your children love playing with dolls too? Baby Born have got some fantastic products in their range at the moment and I will be telling you lots more about them very soon, so watch this space!

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