Monday, 6 July 2015

Football fun come rain or shine!

A couple of weeks ago I told you that Chester's Football dreams are coming true. Well last weekend he  got to show his Nannie and Grandad some of his skills.

My parents were down for the weekend, which was the perfect opportunity to come and watch Chester's football training session. My Dad has been desperate to come and watch him from the moment I told him Chester was part of a football team! 

Sadly, aside from 10 minutes at the start, it poured down with rain the whole time! I did feel sorry for the team as they were soaked right through, but none of them complained they just got on with the training session. 

As you know, Chester is the goal keeper, and he has come on so much since his first training session. This week he did so well that he got Trainer of the week! His little face when he got it was just priceless. I was so happy for him and how nice for it to happen when Nannie and Grandad came to see his skills! 

He really is into his football in a big way right now, joining the team has not only boosted his skills but also his confidence and understanding of the game. The coaches do a fantastic job, they are so patient with them and really make sure they are challenging them every week. 

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