Saturday, 25 July 2015

Another School and Nursery year finished!

I can't believe how quickly the School year has gone, it only seems like yesterday that Chester was beginning his journey in year 1 and Millie started Nursery School.

During that time both children have grown in so many ways. 

I will begin with Chester. 

Year 1 was always going to be a shock to the system for Chester. He absolutely loved Reception, he loved the structure and the play to work ratio. I think it took a good few weeks for him to realise that year 1 was going to be a lot more about work and a lot less about play! So in that respect it did take him a while to settle in. His teachers have got the patience of saints, I take my hat off to them, it's a boy heavy class and full of big personalities so at times it has been a bit, well, testing. 

Chester's knowledge just keeps growing and growing, he seems to pick things up so well. He starts every new project with enthusiasm which is really lovely to see. I think a highlight of the year for Chester has to be Pottery Club, he loved that so much and came home with some excellent pieces of pottery. He is a very creative person, his report even highlighted that fact only last week! My amazement comes from his reading and writing this year. He has really stepped it up a gear and has gone through several reading levels. Sadly, he is finding some of the School books a bit of a bore now as they are simply not challenging enough for him, however, he clearly gets his love of reading from me and loves to spend time at home reading stories to me. I only hope his love for books continues. 

During the last few months we have seen a massive change in Chester's personality. Not all of it I am happy about, as he seems to have lost some of his confidence and is less likely to speak up for himself or give his opinion. He has changed his friendship circles, which isn't a bad thing. As you know he is very interested in Football so he tends to hang around with the children that also really like football. I think some of his changes have been down to simply growing up, and I believe that others are more to do with his awareness of the world around him. He is definitely more concerned about what people think and likes to please people, where as before he would of pleased himself and not given a thought about the conciquences. 

He has ended the term happy to be having a break and excited for what September and year 2 hold for him! I am pleased for him and proud that he has done so well. His report gave 'Excellent and Very Good' grades so his hard work has paid off! 

Now on to cheeky Millie. 

I am simply amazed at the change in Millie since she started Nursery back in October. Whilst she has never been a particularly shy child, her confidence has grown more and more as the year has gone on. She is a happy, bubbly, easy going 3 year old. She gets on with everyone and sees everyone as her friend. A progress report that was recently sent home said that she is happy and confident to play with everyone, each day going in and picking a different friend circle to join in with. I could not be happier for her, she has really benefited from playing with people her own age. 

Nursery recently told me that they think she thinks she is age 12 and all of the children around her are 2! She loves to mother everyone, a very caring and kind child (but she will dob you in if you have been naughty!). I love this side of Millie's personality, the excitement on her face when she gets to nursery and tells me who all her friends are, she is clearly happy to play with them all. 

What has amazed me recently with Millie is that she can now write her own name! Yes it might be a little messy, but she can do it! She also recognises her name if it is written down for her! 

I can't thank Millie's Nursery teachers enough, Millie absolutely adores them all, and she talks fondly about them all the time. 

As a little end of term treat yesterday I took Chester and Millie to the Cinema to see the new Disney film, Inside Out, and then on to Frankie & Bennys for dinner. It was the perfect end to the School Year, I think they both really deserve the break now, so it's 6 weeks of fun times for us! 

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