Saturday, 27 June 2015

Chester's football dreams are coming true!

Over the last year or so, Chester has started liking football in a big way. You will probably remember that over the last season we have take him to a couple of Crystal Palace matches which he has really enjoyed.

But something recently has managed to increase his football enthusiasm even more, finally after being on the waiting list for ages, Chester has been given a place on a local Football team! 

The only position available was goal keeper, and whilst that would not of been his position of choice (he is a great striker) he took on the challenge without hesitation. He has been on the team for 2 maybe 3 months and already his abilities and attitude towards football have grown. I am incredibly proud of what he has learnt so far. The coaches do a great job, and some weeks even give him some one on one goal keeper coaching to help boost his confidence. 

It seems that football has taken over his life (and my weekend) he talks about it every day, and apparently he plays it every lunch time at School! 
A couple of weeks ago was the icing on the cake for Chester though... His team had their annual football presentation day. It was a fun filled day full of football, bouncy castles and BBQs! I took Chester along but warned him that as he was new to the team he probably shouldn't expect any kind of trophy, but to be happy for his team mates who had worked hard all season. Imagine his little face when they called his name up and awarded him a trophy along with the rest of his team! It has totally made his year, the trophy has yet to leave his side! 

I think it's really great that he is so pasionate about a sport, as a football loving Mum I could not be happier! 

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