Thursday, 28 May 2015

We are going through a big change here!


You may have noticed that I am not updating my blog as much as I normally do at the moment. There is a very good reason for this, I have got a new job! I started writing this post a couple of weeks ago, but I have been enjoying the new routine so much I simply have not had time to finish it! 

Recently, I have felt more and more that I need to be back at work full time. Selfishly, for my own sanity more than anything. 

Dont get me wrong, I absolutely loved being at home with my children, and I know that I am very lucky to have been able to be at home with them for so long. But I think after almost 7 years, the time is right for me to go back to work full time. 

Before I had the children I was a secretary, a job I was very happy with. So when an opportunity came up a few weeks ago for an admin position I decided to grab it with both hands! It meant that I had to find childcare for the children for the couple of hours after School and Nursery, plus extend Millie's Nursery hours. I have to admit that I was very nervous about this. Not the fact that they would need to be left with childminders, as they are very confident Children, but how they would cope with a longer day. But 4 weeks into my new job and I can see that I had nothing to worry about. Millie adores her childminder and Chester is having such a fantastic time at his after school club! They are taking it all in their stride, and seem to be coping with the slightly extended days. 

I am really enjoying my time at work. Everyone I work with is so lovely and have helped me settle in really well. I feel more motivated over the last month than I have over the last year. It has become very clear to me just how much I needed this new challenge for myself! 

Everything seems to have slotted together so well. All of our moods have improved and the quality time we do spend together is exactly that, quality. I am appreciating the time I have with the children more. 

Surprisingly I am not feeling as tired as I was, and I feel like I have gained back some of my identity. Don't get me wrong, I will ALWAYS be a Mother first. But now feel I am able to be a 30 year old adult alongside that. My new work colleagues don't know me as a Mother, they just know me as Sammie, and getting that part of me back has been something that I have needed to do for a while. It's lovely to have adult conversation that doesn't include Peppa Pig or Homework! 

Going back to work full time will give us as a family a much better quality of life. We will be able to enjoy more family days out and even start looking into moving house or possibly extending the one we have. I am really looking forward to what the future holds for us, of course high up on my list will be treating us to a trip back to Walt Disney World ( I just can't help myself can I?!) but for once I am OK with the fact that it's not right at the top of the priority list! 

As the saying goes 'everything happens for a reason' and I totally believe that is what has happened here. So I am going to grab it with both hands and embrace the change! 

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