Monday, 11 May 2015

Mcdonald's Football Mum of the Year Award!

Last weekend we were invited to the grounds of Petts Wood FC to attend a McDonalds Football Mum of the Year event with Casey Stoney. For those of you that do not know, Casey Stoney plays for England and Arsenal Ladies teams. She has recently become a mum of twins herself, so knows only to well how hard it is to juggle life as a Mum!

We of course jumped at the chance to attend this event, Chester and I are big football fans, if you read my blog, you will know that we are Crystal Palace supporters and Chester has been to his first two home matches this season! Millie loves very much to copy her brother, and she is just as active. So even though she does not quite understand Football yet, she does understand how to kick and throw a ball!

During the event the children had a training session with Casey, there was a real mix of ages with the children and I think Casey did a great job at making it fun and challenging for each child. Whilst Casey was teaching the children, she also gave us Mums some tips and tricks that we could do at home with the children. Simple things such as throwing the ball in the air and catching, then perhaps something a little more challenging for Chester, throwing the ball in the air, clapping and then catching.

Can you spot my little Eagles in this video?!

Its fair to say that all 3 of us came away with something from the experience. I was reminded just how easy it is to get outside and play with the children, rather than just watching them!

Since the event Chester has taken on board the skills and he now spends most evenings practicing them in our garden, whether its kicking and controlling the ball against our garage wall, or bouncing on the trampoline whilst throwing the ball in the air, clapping and catching it, he has so much fun! Like Casey explained to us, in these early years the most valuable thing you can teach your children about football is ball control and coordination.

The event was to promote a rather special award. The McDonald’s Football Mum of the Year Award. Which will recognise mums who put in countless unpaid hours of hard work, so that their children and their friends can enjoy playing football.

From time consuming tasks such as running kids to training and matches that can be hours away, to managing their team kits and helping run their child’s local team. Or even starting a local team simply so their children and their friends can play; the awards are an opportunity to acknowledge their selflessness.

Personally I do think that Mums are the unsung heros when it comes to organizing their children's football timetable. Chester has only just started training and playing football with a club on a Sunday. I am the one who makes sure he has everything he needs and I am the one who is there cheering him on from the sidelines at 8.30am on a Sunday morning! I am also the one who cheers him up when he is sulking that something didn't go quite right for him and then I am the one who washed the grass stained kit and cleans the mud off of his Football boots!

Do you know a Mum worthy of the title Mcdonalds Football Mum of the year?!

Nominations for the McDonald’s Football Mum of the Year Award are now open and will close on 19th June 2015. To nominate a mum you know go to

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