Sunday, 3 May 2015

Housework. Who's job is it?

As I am typing this I am filled with rage. It seems that my husband believes that he is exempt from helping with some of the house work.

I know that his first defence will be that he helps 'do the dishwasher' but really I think he needs to get into the 21st century. 

I have been watching the clean washing pile move from our bed to the floor for a few weeks now. You might think that is a little odd, I mean why not simply put it away? Well. My reasoning is this. I spent a long time (again, this happens every few months) tidying our room and making sure it is clutter free. I do the washing, fold it neatly and place it on our bed. Then I got distracted, probably picking the kids up from School. When my husband finds it later on rather then simply putting it away he picks it up and dumps it on the floor. 

I am fed up with this little routine he has, so rather than put it away I decide to see how long it takes for him to put it away. It is, after all, just a little bit of washing.

Well today, I couldn't take it anymore and I snapped. When I questioned him about it, his reply was simply 'well they are not my clothes (he is wrong about that by the way) so why should I put them away'.

Now please correct me if I am wrong, but we are not living in Victorian Britain are we? Surely it would be nice if he simply helped by putting the clothes away. Especially as most of the clothes belong to our children! 

We have lived together for almost 10 years and he will help with some of the house work (read that as empty the dishwasher and occasionally the washing). But for some reason he seems to have these old fashioned ideas that the woman should do the house work and his day off should be exactly that. A day to do nothing. That may well have been the case when he lived at his parents but it sure as hell isn't the way here. In the modern day.

Now, I love my husband and I don't usually write this type of post, but I think the final straw has snapped for me. I am certainly no housework queen, in fact some days I would say I am pretty awful. But for Christ sake, what the hell is wrong with helping each other out and working together? 

I have no sympathy for Craig, especially when he comes out with the classic 'I have been at work all day'. Try being a mother Craig, I don't think you would cope. 

Anyone else have this problem? 

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