Monday, 27 April 2015

Lanhydrock, my new favourite National Trust property!

You may remember me telling you that whilst on holiday in Cornwall over Easter, we made full use of our National Trust passes. Well, I really want to tell you a little bit about our day at Lanhydrock. It seems to have put a spell on me, and it is now my favourite National Trust property! I am just itching to go back and take in all of those magnificent rooms and history again. Sadly though, living in Kent means that this is not going to happen anytime soon, so instead I shall settle for telling you all about it!

Lanhydrock is a huge country house, with a huge estate. In fact so huge that we got the land train from just past the play area down to the house!

I absolutely love anything Victorian, this era has always fascinated me, since I was a child I have wanted to learn more about the way of life back then. So imagine how I felt when I realised that this house has been set out in exactly that era!

We got a feel for what life was like for the maids and servants, both in the vast kitchen areas and in the servants living quarters.

We got to see what kind of things the Children did to keep themselves entertained in the Nursery. This part really fascinated Chester and Millie, imagine, life without Ipads and computer games! Millie being a dolly loving child was fascinated with the detailing on the dolls back then, she loved the clothing they were wearing. As everyone knows I am not a dolly fan, and was secretly pleased that dolls are not made to look like that anymore!

With well over 50 rooms to explore it really was a great way to spend the day. It gave such a great insight into life back then, the phrase 'oh how the other half live' was heard many a time as we walked round and took in the details!

We also had just enough time to explore the gardens too, Chester and Millie completed an easter trail whilst Craig and I took in the beauty of it all.

The National Trust say this on their website.. 'Lanhydrock is the perfect country house and estate, with the feel of a wealthy but unpretentious family home.' and I think that sums it up perfectly. I think that the National Trust have done this property proud, keeping the feel of life back then and keeping it very personal to the family and staff whose lives were lived out there.

To be honest we could of done with another day there just to explore the grounds. It is so big that you can even hire bikes! It would have been nice to have time to go on one of the walks too. We made use of the wooden play area for the children, this was situated near the car park so I should imagine that many locals make use of this in the summer months, I know we would!

My only regret about the day was that I forgot to buy the guide book at the end. I managed to soak up a bit of information about the house and the family that lived there, of course, but when you visit with children you are bombarded with questions such as 'why do they have an animal as a rug', or 'how did the meat stay cool in that room', meaning I didn't get chance to read every bit of information! I should imagine the history of Lanhydrock would make for a very good read!

Are you National Trust Members? Do you have a favourite property that you love to visit?

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