Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Disney Tsum Tsum's - our new favourite craze!

Well its no secret that we are all a little Disney obsessed in this house. So when we heard about a new Disney craze - Tsum Tsum's we simply had to find out more!

Disney Tsum Tsum (pronounced ‘Soom Soom’) means “stack stack” in Japanese, and stems from
the Japanese Zen art of stone stacking. Tsum Tsum was  originally developed in Japan as a social mobile smartphone game, which was then followed by the collection of soft toys. The success so far has been amazing. For instance, in Japan when the app of the game was launched it took just 4 days before it hit 1 million downloads! Chester and I both have the game downloaded and I have to say I am not surprised it is so popular, it is an easy game to play and very fun, not to mention addictive!

Now, for the first time ever, Disney Store Guests in the UK are able to buy the cute and colourful soft toys! We, of course, have been collecting the Tsum Tsums ever since this launch a little over a month ago!

We were very excited to also find out about Tsum Tsum Tuesday at the Disney Store... In honour of Tsum Tsum, the first Tuesday of each month will be renamed ‘Tsum Tsum Tuesday’ and will see an additional new character released. The first of which was a Tsum Tsum Alice in Wonderland on April 7th. Next Tuesday, May 5th, see's a double release, one which we are most excited about. It will be Big Hero 6 AND The Little Mermaid! We are all super excited about this, I have spoken before about our love for Baymax and all things Big Hero 6 and of course we are all big Little Mermaid fans, staying in the Little Mermaid rooms when we went to Disney World! So needless to say both of those ranges will be top of the pocket money spends for May!

The Tsum Tsums are created for tweens and teens but as you can see from the photos Chester and Millie, who are aged just 6 and 3 are having enormous fun collecting them. In fact so am I! They just love to row them up, stack them up, knock them down, make them bounce high on the trampoline!

What I think makes them even more awesome is the price. For a mini Tsum Tsum it is just £3. For me, that means pocket money toys. Its an achievable goal for the children to save that money and be able to come away with a decent product rather than the handful of sweets and a bouncy ball that kind of pocket money would buy! So for us that will be the ones we collect the most. However, Millie did buy herself a medium Winnie the Pooh Tsum Tsum which was £15 and is just the right size for her to carry around or take to bed as a cuddle toy if she wishes. The large Tsum Tsums are £20 and whilst I think this is a little out of our budget for an everyday treat, I will admit that I am eyeing up a couple to use in place of large scatter cushions on my sofa!

So, what do you think of this new Disney craze? Will your children be collecting?

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